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4Dviews: more photorealistic volumetric videos than ever before

Studio de capture volumétrique

4Dviews offers high-performance volumetric capture solutions.

Crédits photos : 4Dviews

4Dviews is a French company specialising in volumetric capture and is recognised as a market leader. In 2010, 4Dviews set up the world’s first volumetric video recording studio in Tokyo, Japan. Its new solution, HOLOSYS+, promises highly realistic results. 4Dviews will be exhibiting at Laval Virtual 2024, on April 10-12, on booth A30. Interview with Yash Bhatia, Communications & Marketing Manager.

Can you introduce your company?

4Dviews has been leading the volumetric capture field since 2007. Created as a spin-off from the INRIA Rhône-Alpes, we’re focussed on bringing real humans to XR storytelling experiences. The 4Dviews ecosystem is built to provide content creators the tools to maximise their storytelling potential.

What will your company show at Laval Virtual 2024?

In August 2023, we launched the HOLOSYS+, an evolution of our original volumetric capture system. The HOLOSYS+ produces incredibly photorealistic volumetric video adding to the immersiveness of the experience being built. It is also capable of filming dynamic scenarios up to 3 people with a larger capture zone. Combined with the rest of our ecosystem – 4Dfx and 4Dcoder – it is possible to edit and compress volumetric video to play it on any XR device.

What is your company’s current innovation?

Our latest innovation is within our volumetric video editing software, 4Dfx. We introduced Brushes which allow our users to remove or add texture details from their volumetric videos, alter the meshes, or change the luminosity of your volumetric video locally. This has been a gamechanger for our clients’ workflows!

What innovation do you think has most transformed the world of VR/AR?

The democratisation and integration of VR/AR devices in our daily lives by companies like Meta, Apple, Lynx, Google etc. has been a gamechanger. In my opinion, mixed reality headsets have added a new dimension to training and entertainment applications. They’re being used more and more to interact with digitla content which allows us to open up a whole new realm of applications.

The baseline of our 26th edition is “Act For The Future”. In your opinion, how can immersive technologies impact the world of tomorrow?

Immersive technologies have an immense potential across industries. Whether it’s healthcare, sports, architecture, entertainment, training, cultural preservation, or retail marketing, we’re constantly seeing innumerable use-cases in each field. Slowly but surely, these technologies are contributing to a better way of life in almost every aspect. As they evolve and become more accessible, their impact will become easier to see for an everyday consumer.

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