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Boost your soft skills with virtual reality

Virtual reality are revolutionizes soft skills training

Empathy, créativity, leadership... Soft skills are nowadays highly demanded by recruiters.

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Virtual reality has proven its place in the field of training. Within companies, but also in high schools and universities, virtual modules allow training in specific technical skills. Handling an engine, repairing a machine, following a protocol… On the other hand, virtual reality is progressively used in the training of soft skills, more and more demanded by employers. Sofia Rufin, CEO of 5Discovery Virtual Learning, shares her expertise on the subject.

Soft skills: what are they?

Soft skills refer to human qualities related to personality, empathy, communication, resilience, creativity, leadership, etc… These behavioral skills are becoming more and more popular with companies and recruiters… especially in 2021 when society is going through a profound change.

How to evolve with agility and serenity in a constantly changing world? Develop your soft skills! They are at the heart of our evolution and the competitiveness of organizations.

Among the softskills, we can mention for example:

  • Relational intelligence: ability to adopt the best communication with an interlocutor by taking him and his situation into account.
  • Leadership: today’s leader brings meaning and the vision he gives of the future of his organization has a powerful impact on teams.
  • Emotional intelligence: abilities to understand, interprate and better interact with the world around you.
  • Public speaking skills
  • Empathy: ability to create a link, understand and fell the other by putting ourselves in the other’s shoes.

Or Adaptation, Agility, Creativity, Self-control or the ability to develop Resilience… very useful in times of crisis of course.

Why develop its softskills?

Soft skills are already a major issue in recruitment, profesional development and employability, as they account for 20% of the pay gap at equivalent degree level. 60% of recruiters say that behavioral skills are more important than technical skills.

Digital transition, evolution of the social context, change of the mode of governance, new company project… Developing tomorrow’s key skills is therefore essential.

They will be technical and conceptual, but also and above all social, emotional, collective and ethical in the VUCA World (V is for Vulnerability, U is for Uncertainty, C is for Complexity and A is for Ambiguity). They will give a great place to interactions with digital and especially immersive technologies.

The use of virtual reality, a playful and effective means of training.

In a world where agility is the key, the use of new technologies and more precisely virtual reality is proving to be a fun and effective tool to develop skills and evolve.

“Immersive learning makes it possible to add action, learning and emotion, thus adding efficiency to a more fun and engaging training.”

Thanks to virtual reality, professional and university training is revolutionized. Equipped with a VR headset, the learner is immersed in scenes from professional life involving hyper-realistic avatar-type characters. A learning scenario takes the learner through different interactive levels in virtual reality, allowing him to experience real emotions.

These emotions will serve as an anchor for the memorization of his assets and will allow him to integrate more easily the key soft skills. Learning is fun, pragmatic and operational. 

7 key benefits of Virtual Reality for softskills trainings 

According to the international firm PWC – The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training in the Enterprise – analysis of June 25, 2020, the development of Virtual Reality soft skills training is a major strategic issue in tomorrow’s learning. There are 7 benefits of Virtual Learning.

About author

Founder and CEO of 5Discovery Virtual Learning, I held international management positions in IT for a long time before creating the French start up 5Discovery, the first soft skills training platforms in VR. I am also a personal development coach and trainer and specializing in Leadership.
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