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David Nogueira, tech enthusiast, reflects on his first experience at Laval Virtual

Crédits photos : David Nogueira

Tech journalist for almost 20 years, David Nogueira now also runs his own YouTube channel, where he shares his passion and experience with a community of just over 20,000 subscribers. Through a video, he shares with us his first experience at Laval Virtual.

Meet Alexandre Bouchet, new director of Laval Virtual

David began his visit with an interview with Alexandre Bouchet, the new director of the Laval Virtual association, to get a better idea of the event and understand its various challenges, which include: bringing VR/AR professionals together in one place and participating in the development of innovations and new technologies (through competitions and conferences).
As a VR fan, I enjoyed my 1st Laval Virtual, but what is it? Video of David Nogueira at Laval Virtual 2023 – Interview with Alexandre Bouchet

Laval Virtual, an event dedicated to immersive technologies for professionals

Although the event is mainly professional and BtoB-oriented, David notes that some solutions could be aimed at the general public. Indeed, the Actronika haptic vest could augment and complement VR experiences (despite the product’s cost, which is still not very affordable), as could ProTubeVR’s gunstock (for example), used for training defense forces as well as for VR games.

“Understanding what’s going on in the B2B market helps us understand what’s in store for our B2C market”. This, among other things, is the whole point of an event like Laval Virtual.

An experience rich in encounters and discoveries

“While some of the projects I discovered on site are very technical and/or very expensive, many of them allow you to fantasize about virtual, mixed or augmented reality with some very pretty things.”

With a good turnout at the event from the very first day, David had the opportunity to discover Laval Virtual for the first time. It was a validated experience and a much-appreciated event, which enabled him to meet many people, including Pico, Microsoft, CLARTE and Manus, to name just a few.

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