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Digital twins are easy to create and visualize with Cintoo

Interface de la solution cloud de Cintoo

Cintoo provides a solution for sharing digital twins more easily.

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With the development of digital twin technology, Cintoo has created a SaaS solution to facilitate “reality capture”. It transfers captured laser files to a cloud platform for easy access by all project stakeholders. Cintoo will be exhibiting at Laval Virtual on April 10-12, 2024, on booth A31. Interview with Dominique Pouliquen, CEO.

Can you introduce your company?

Cintoo is a visual twin platform, effortlessly bridging the gap between Reality Capture and BIM including CAD applications. For AEC and Industry 4.0, Cintoo offers a cloud-based SaaS solution to manage 3D scanned data collected from the built environment for your Digital Twin and AEC BIM needs. Cintoo will be presenting the Cintoo Cloud which is agnostic to most scanning and VR offerings and supports static & mobile laser scan data, drone data & 360 panoramic images. Cintoo is browser based allowing experts and non-experts access to high res 3D scans and models, anywhere at any time.

Cintoo Cloud uses a point cloud-to-mesh engine with no compromise on scan accuracy and density. Download scans from the cloud and distribute them in mesh or in their source point cloud format. Connect to Autodesk BIM 360, BIM Track and Procore to enable QA/QC and issue tracking workflows to compare as-builds to designs. Leading organizations benefit from Cintoo Cloud’s capabilities which meet the needs of Digital Twin, BIM and construction customers for their construction and asset management needs. With more than 4 million scans already uploaded, Cintoo Cloud provides to over 50,000 active users the AEC and Digital Twin industry’s most comprehensive platform to manage your massive laser scan data and enhance your scan & BIM workflows.

What’s your company’s current innovation ?

Cintoo now brings easy usage and optimal maneuverability for viewing all laser scans including optimal visualization! Now all users can view laser scans just like you would in a video game! Cintoo brings democratization to the viewing, collaboration and managing your laser scans for all users, expert and novice alike, all with resolution equal to your laser scans. Now all users can easily and quickly move through your 2D and 3D laser scans on Cintoo Cloud with the use of the same teleportation feature that all video games provide. Comparing your BIM and CAD models to your laser scanned source of ultimate truthful information of building, assets or objects is never easier using Cintoo teleportation to move to any location and viewing angle. Users no longer are constrained to the POV of the scanner! Cintoo Teleportation even moves up or down with inherent measurement display as well as through walls, ceilings or floors to view those areas of your laser scans.

How can immersive technologies impact tomorrow’s world?

By providing a digital blueprint of most trustful and accurate information, plans such as BIM and CAD models can be easily updated as well as all manufacturing and industrial sectors for planning, maintenance, repairs and performance. By lower total project costs including reducing the carbon footprint by reducing physical trips to the subject areas and by providing in the cloud app itself team communication and collaboration anywhere in the world at anytime

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