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Enhance your immersion in VR games with ProTube VR!

Crédits photos : ProTube VR

Do you ever play in VR, but feel there’s that little thing missing that limits your complete immersion in a game? We offer you a presentation of ProTubeVR to make up for this lack! Founded in 2018, this French start-up develops, produces and distributes virtual reality accessories with the aim of improving video game users’ sense of immersion. Its specialty: the development of gun-themed accessories that adapt to VR controllers: gunstock, joystick and other sabers!

During his first visit to the 25th Laval Virtual trade show (April 12 to 16, 2023), tech journalist and industry enthusiast David Nogueira met Estelle RISTANI, Business Developer at ProTubeVR.

MagTube, ForceTube… for total immersion in your games

The first “classic” range aims to increase immersion on a first scale, i.e. it allows users to equip themselves with physical accessories to enhance their immersion within an experience. For example, the Gunstock MagTube is a rifle frame on which you position your VR controllers. This gives you the sensation of holding in your hands the assault rifle you’re using in your video game. This not only makes for a more immersive experience, but also provides greater comfort and precision, enhancing your gameplay.

The other, more advanced range features haptic feedback (i.e. force feedback) thanks to the ForceTube module, allowing you to feel completely immersed in the game. The idea here is that every time you fire a shot in the game, you really feel the recoil, vibration and impact on your shoulder that you would with a real weapon. There are five different levels of power, depending on the type of weapon used, for a feeling that’s close to the real thing.

Accessories designed for gameplay and performance

After a demonstration of the MagTube (rifle armature), ForceTube (firearm armature simulating vibration and shoulder impact) and ProVolver (multi-platform haptic pistol), it’s clear that immersion and performance are at the heart of the French start-up’s concerns.

VR peripherals are optimized to preserve controller tracking, improve gameplay and adaptability for a certain level of comfort.

Focus on MagTube: join the battle!

Photo credits: ProTube VR

Two MagTube ranges are available: a chrome version, slightly heavier but more affordable in terms of price, and the premium full-carbon version (lighter).

The product can be adapted to any person: several adjustment points are available, from the tube axis with angle adjustment to the cups supporting the levers. All of this enhances the user’s comfort, performance and precision. The MagTube is now a reference in VR e-sport, and has been a partner of the VR Master League for several years.

On the other hand, and this is what makes the product all the more interesting, the MagTube adapts to different brands of controllers (14 in all), including Pico, Meta Quest, HTC Vive, and others.

Finally, the accessory can also be upgraded in various ways. For example, the stock can be replaced by a haptic module, allowing you to feel the recoil of your weapon when fired (as mentioned above). As for the cups, they can be magnetic, for greater comfort and longer playing time. Finally, a bipod is also available for sniper rifles, offering greater stability for the user.

In short, you’ve got it: ProTubeVR offers a whole range of accessories to enhance the feeling of immersion in video games, and all to the delight of gamers!

David Nogueira has been a technology journalist for some twenty years, including 14 years with, which he left in early 2019. Since then, David has worked with various editorial teams on a wide range of topics, including automotive and new mobility. His passion for tech and his desire to share it on video prompted him to create his own YouTube channel, where he now covers most of the topics he has been covering for several years. After computer hardware, multimedia equipment and autonomous cars, David now turns his attention to immersive technologies, for the often unprecedented experiences they offer.

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