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HP: 80 years of history in new technologies

HP is a long-standing player in the IT and new technologies sector.

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An American company founded more than 80 years ago, HP is one of the best-known brands on the IT scene. A leader in software and hardware for professionals and consumers alike, HP is also interested in immersive technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. We spoke to Xavier Ligonnière, Partner Business Manager Value at HP France.

From IT to virtual reality

Present in 170 countries, HP is a global technology leader in IT solutions for professionals and individuals. “HP offers a wide range of equipment, services and tools for office and industrial printing, 3D printing and hybrid working solutions“, says Xavier Ligonnière.

HP is also a major player in the VR / AR sector, supplying hardware and software platforms with HP Workstations for the development of immersive technologies. “We’ve been partners of Laval Virtual for many years! Laval Virtual is a fantastic opportunity to meet the entire ecosystem“. Once again this year, HP has renewed its partnership, focusing its support on two aspects of the event: Recto VRso, the festival of immersive and interactive art, and the #Students competitions.

We see the Laval Virtual student competition as a barometer and a breeding ground for future years,” explains Xavier Ligonnière. “With this partnership, we’re putting ourselves close to future decision-makers and we’re there to help them. That’s the DNA of HP.” In addition, the partnership with Recto VRso reflects HP’s desire to open up all minds to immersive technologies. “Technology has no barriers. The development of immersive art is living proof of this, and it’s a wonderful springboard for the general public.” In 2020, HP has set up a collaborative project between developers and visual artists to create video content for projection at events.

The shift to artificial intelligence

On 7 March, the international brand announced the launch of a new range of computers with artificial intelligence. “AI is increasingly at the heart of what we do. For us, it enables us to improve productivity, creativity and the user experience“, explains Xavier Ligonnière. HP is therefore banking on artificial intelligence to upgrade its equipment and offer increasingly powerful PCs, with a specific development goal for professionals.

This announcement confirms the recent boom of AI. “AI is going to be a factor in the transformation of all uses. The usage models we have today will no longer exist in five years’ time“, claims Xavier Ligonnière. In his opinion, we are seeing a transformation in the way business applications are used for virtual reality, moving from B2B opportunities to a B2C market. “The whole ecosystem is moving. It’s also thanks to events like Laval Virtual that we’re able to see this and keep track of all these developments”. See you on April 10-12 for all the latest news from the immersive sector.

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