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VR / AR in the Loire Valley: local authority supports the industry

Expérience VR / AR de fenêtre virtuelle pour voyager

The Pays de la Loire Region supports 150 VR / AR companies each year.

Crédits photos : DigitaLandmarks

Technologies of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) are assets for the territory of the Loire Valley in France – and especially for the Mayenne region which, for over 20 years, has made the choice of developing this expertise and investing in the market of immersive technologies. The Pays de la Loire Region is involved in many plans to support this digital industry. Immersive technologies are also a lever to innovate and the Pays de la Loire Region supports projects by local companies and key players of the industry.

Direct support for innovative companies

For their VR/AR innovation projects, which may be individual or in collaboration with research laboratory, there is the Pays de la Loire Innovation plan, co-abounded by BPI, allowing to support SMEs with grants beforehand, during the most risky phases (feasibility phase) or repayable advances in the implementation phases of the research and development project. Around 270 companies are supported this way every year.

The Region also supports creation and development of VR / AR companies with creation assistance (creation bonus), advice (Pays de la Loire Conseil) and cash flow support. As a driving force behind the digital transition of companies, the Pays de la Loire Region supports those who wish to acquire VR / AR devices via the Pays de la Loire Digital Investment scheme.

150 projects supported each year

These projects were supported via PL2i (Pays de la Loire initiative innovation), a tool of the Pays de la Loire Innovation scheme. Each year, between 140 and 150 projects are supported and more than €800,000 of funds are committed by the Pays de la Loire Region and Bpifrance to support these innovation initiatives.

Travel through a window!

Recently, this system has helped the company DigitaLandmarks to develop an immersive window that allows visitors to travel without moving: this interactive digital installation allows visitors to be “teleported” into a new territory.

A magic glove to improve therapeutic hypnosis

Another example: the company BAO Virtuelle was supported in developing a virtual reality project for the Interdisciplinary Center for Integrative Therapies. This project resulted in a “virtual magic glove” that reinforces the positive impacts of hypnosis by making it more immersive.

Virtual reality experience for therapeutic hypnosis

Beyond the direct support to companies, the Region helps the key structures supporting the development of VR / AR and in particular through the support of:

  • Clarté Technology Resource Center: since 1996, companies have benefited from expertise that is unique in France for deploying VR / AR, particularly for the innovation of industrial processes.
  • Laval Virtual Event: Europe’s first exhibition on virtual and augmented reality

All these investments in VR / AR innovation represented, in 2022, more than 630,000€.

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