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E-sport has its own pro players

What is e-sport? Contraction of the word “electronic sport”, E-sport refers to the practice of video games in competition. They are games where the player, alone or in a team, faces other players. Bringing together millions of fans, the phenomenon has…
Laval Virtual DaysNews

The Laval Virtual Days are getting sporty!

On September 17, 2020, a day on the theme of sport will take place in the Laval Virtual World. How is virtual reality implemented in sports training? How do athletes take advantage of immersive technologies to increase their performance? A programme of conferences and an…
Partner eventsNews

NewImages Festival 2020: on the virtual wave

For its third edition, NewImages Festival has a new format. Surfing on the wave of the virtual, a subject at the heart of its programme, the event has decided to let itself be carried along by the wind of hybrid. From 23 to 27 September, see you at the Forum des images in…