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The Laval Virtual Worlds gathered 45,000+ avatars

The Laval Virtual Worlds welcomed 45,000 avatars and many international events

Laval Virtual uses the Virbela platform to organize virtual events.

Crédits photos : Virbela / Laval Virtual

Since April 2020 and the virtualization of its annual VR/AR exhibition, Laval Virtual has been organizing virtual events. Several months after the beginning of this new activity, the Laval Virtual Worlds welcomed 80 virtual events. Conferences, seminars, workshops, university events… Many companies and organizations have called on the Laval Virtual Worlds – a way to keep gathering together from all over the world.

4 virtual worlds for your events

In April 2020, Laval Virtual organized the very first virtual edition of its international exhibition on virtual and augmented reality. 8 months later, the association offers its expertise and helps companies organize virtual events. Today, Laval Virtual is your expert operator of virtual worlds.

This year 2020 has been exhausting for everyone, including for many businesses. By providing virtual worlds to professionals,, our mission is to facilitate gatherings, interactions and remote collaboration.

Laurent Chrétien, CEO of Laval Virtual

With its 4 virtual worlds, Laval Virtual proposes to virtually organize your annual seminar, workshops, back-to-school or Open Day. Long-term rental offers for virtual areas are also available, for year-round access to offices and meetings rooms.

80 virtual events organized

Since the beginning of its activity,  Laval Virtual has been organizing close to 80 virtual events for as many companies. Universities, schools, consulting firms, press agencies, embassies, NGO, associations… Many structures have taken advantage of the potential of virtual worlds, guided by Laval Virtual experts.

“We have been exchanging with hundreds of professionals, clients and partners. We are all convinced of the importance of virtual worlds for the professional events industry of tomorrow.”

Maroua El Mokhtari, Head of Marketing & Sales – Virtual Events at Laval Virtual

In order to follow the virtual path, Laval Virtual has first surrounded itself with an American company born in California. Virbela has been offering since 2012 virtual worlds for distance collaboration and the education world. Building on this partnership with Laval Virtual, Virbela is now highlighting the use of its worlds within the events industry: fairs, exhibitions, trade shows. As a result of this collaboration between Virbela and Laval Virtual, more than 45,000 avatars have already walked the virtual ground of the four Laval Virtual Worlds.

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