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VRDays, the most immersive event of 2020

VRDays Europe 2020, the most immersive event of 2020

Crédits photos : VRDays Europe

Corona has shaken up the world. Social distancing, closure of venues and a severe impact on the medical system are all of a sudden a normality. Immersive technologies seem to have the capabilities to overcome some of the challenges we are facing today. At VRDays Europe 2020, New Horizons we are exploring how immersive technologies are shaping the world of tomorrow.

6th edition of VRDays Europe

VRDays Europe is an annual 3-day conference and exhibition on VR/AR/MR content, creativity and innovation. Our mission is to unite the XR community, inspire creative minds and drive business forward. VRDays Europe builds bridges between business, science and art. We invite the brightest minds and global visionaries to share their cutting-edge insights into one of the world’s fastest growing industries: immersive technology.

As everyone on the planet can imagine right now, even a virtual planet , 2020 will be different. The first thing of note is VRDays has teamed up with the very established Laval Virtual.

“The merging of two such different festivals/conferences, each with a different focus, can only strengthen the community and expand the opportunities for people to connect. With this partnership comes 20 years experience in the field and a broad reach.”

Benjamin De Wit, founder and director of VRDays

Exploring New Horizons

This year everything is different. That is why we are doing everything differently as well. Not being able to invite 2500 XR professionals to Amsterdam, this year, VRDays will pull out all stops to become the most immersive event of 2020.

Expect XR superstars in live streaming conferences, explore the latest innovation at the virtual exhibition and blow your mind with award winning content at the Church of VR, in VR.  The Immersive Funding Market in Zoom for business, science and art. And the networking will be better than ever. We will publish the printed magazine, New Horizons, XR for Everyone. And on Friday November 6 corona-friendly irl Satellite Events take place across the globe.

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Laval Virtual is a facilitator: we simplify the connection between suppliers of VR/AR solutions and users or future users. From these encounters exciting projects are born. It is these stories of men and women, pioneers and explorers of virtual reality, that I am trying, in all humility, to promote and make known.
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VRDays is shaping the world of tomorrow