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25th edition’s main exhibitors and speakers announced

Augmented reality headsets at Laval Virtual event

Since 1999, Laval Virtual has been gathering the best of virtual reality.

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This year, Laval Virtual is celebrating its 25th edition. The biggest players of virtual reality, augmented reality and the metaverse will be at Laval (Mayenne, France) on April 12-16, 2023.

Laval Virtual 2023: Think the future!

Close to 200 exhibitors spread over 5400m2 will present their virtual and augmented reality solutions to the 10,000 expected visitors. Whether they are experts, advanced or simply eager to learn more about immersive technologies, they will be able to inform, interact and discover all the solutions presented by the exhibitors on April 12-14 during Business Days and until the 16th for Consumer Days.

“Work remotely, the metaverse… work environments have evolved, social links have changed, more and more innovative project leaders are integrating new digital tools, big companies learned how to adapt and create cutting-edge solutions. Nevertheless, every change leads to questions and sometimes even fears. Where does this evolution take us? Will we have our own avatar one day? Will our digital twin have its own identity? How to take advantage of those technologies without missing business opportunities? What are the perspectives of evolution in our daily life? Many questions that we will answer through a complete conference programme, meetings with professionals here to present their solution in a dedicated event, and experiences that you must test to better understand these changes.” Alexandre Bouchet, Director of Laval Virtual

Well-known exhibitors: Meta, Microsoft, Pico

Since 1999, the town of Laval has become for a week the world capitale of virtual reality, gathering within one place the major VR/AR actors: researchers, startups, large corporations, investors, artists and users. It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet all the players of the field and to discover new business opportunities! This year, Laval Virtual is welcoming first-range multinationals companies: Meta, Microsoft, Pico, Valeo, Samsung, PNY, Sopra Steria… as well as stakeholders of the immersive technologies markets: Lynx, Immersion, TechViz, Sense Glove, Myxed, HaptX, HoloforgeDiscover all the exhibitors!

ReVolution Competitions: VR/AR innovations in the spotlights

Laval Virtual highlights emerging talents of immersive technologies through a series of 4 unmissable competitions: ReVolution #Research for academic research projects; ReVolution #StartUps for young companies under 3 years of age; ReVolution #Experiences for immersive content production studios; ReVolution #Students for student projects. The ReVolution competitions is an opportunity for VR/AR innovative projects to be exhibited during the event. This year, we received more than 200 hundred applications.

Top speakers: Netflix, Amazon, etc

Each year, the conference programme leaves the floor to international experts. In 2023, Laval Virtual BtoB conferences will answer the user’s major questions on virtual reality and the metaverse through 6 thematic half-days. The conferences (in English) will mention the uses and potential of virtual reality, augmented reality and metaverses in many business fields.

The 6 topics are:

  • Future of XR: What to expect in the coming years in terms of technological progress? With Microsoft, Ecorys, etc
  • Immersive Digital Learning: How companies and schools take advantage of virtual reality for training? What are the latest trends of Immersive Learning? With Lynx, Accenture, Pwc, etc
  • Metaverse Dilemmas: International experts will discuss on stage to decrypt the dilemmas of the Metaverse, both poison, cure and the black sheep of the issues of our society. With Meta, Sydney University, European Commission, etc
  • VR & AR: what benefits for my business?: Well-known companies sharing how virtual reality has transformed their way of working and boosted their sales. With Amazon, Snapchat,  Chanel, PTC, etc Avec Amazon, Snapchat,  Chanel, PTC, etc
  • 360 Industry: An opportunity to take a look at current and future uses in the industry. With Unity, Siemens, Alstom, Valeo, etc
  • XR for Good: This topic illustrates the positive impact of VR/AR through testimonials of positive initiatives. With Netflix, orange, Ubisoft, etc

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