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Impact and future of VR decrypted at 2023 conferences

Speakers during the Laval Virtual VR/AR conferences

Hundreds of VR/AR experts are invited to the Laval Virtual conferences.

Crédits photos : Laval Virtual / Prisma

The Laval Virtual event is back in 2023 for its 25th edition (12-16 April). Each year, the conferences programme give a voice to international experts. In 2023, Laval Virtual BtoB conferences will answer major questions from users about virtual reality and the metaverse.

Conferences to know all about virtual reality and the Metaverse

For more than 20 years, Laval Virtual has made a point of honor to educate the world about immersive technologies and promote them. Since their outbreak, they have evolved drastically and sometimes very rapidly. Sometimes, it’s difficult to follow all these developments, both technological and related to uses. The dazzling rise of the Metaverse was also a game-changer and brought us to question what’s at stake with immersive technologies.

Laval Virtual conferences are for those who wish to better understand virtual reality and its related technologies. Laval Virtual invited hundreds of experts who help professionals to better identify the benefits of virtual reality. Laval Virtual conferences are intended for CEOs, Technical Managers, investors, whatever business field they come from (industry, mobility, healthcare…).

6 topics to explore virtual reality

For its 25th edition, Laval Virtual has planned 6 thematic half-days. The conferences will mention the uses and potential of virtual reality, augmented reality and metaverse for multiple business fields.

This year’s 6 topics are:

  • The future of XR: Experts decrypt immersive technologies trends. What are the latest technological progresses? What can we expect in the future?

  • Immersive digital learning: The training and education fields were deeply transformed by immersive technologies. How do companies and schools take advantage of virtual reality? What are the next uses in the training area?

  • Metaverse Dilemmas: What’s at stake with the Metaverse? What is behind this popular world? International experts will discuss and decrypt this new modern phenomenon.

  • VR & AR: What benefits for my business?: This topic will give the floor to brands and companies from multiple areas (luxury, event industry, culture…). They will share how did virtual reality transform their way of working and boost their productivity.

  • 360 Industry: If there is one business field that bet on innovation and took advantage of virtual reality, it’s the industry. Immersive technologies are used for maintenance, production, assistance. The topic will be an opportunity to talk about the current and future uses.

  • XR for Good: Virtual reality is not just for fun. This topic will show how it can also have a positive impact. Users from the science, humanity, cultural and educational world will prove that immersive technologies can do some good!

The Laval Virtual conferences of the 25th edition will take place on April 12-14, 2023 in the form of half-days. They will be accessible only for visitors with a Full Pass.

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