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3D content creation revolutionised by Dimensify

Illustration d'une femme avec un casque immersif

Dimensify is a platform that uses generative AI to create 3D content.

Crédits photos : Eurosys Informatics

Company Eurosys Informatics provides software solutions and services to professionals to ensure and facilitate their development. Its new project, Dimensify, consists in a platform with the ambition to revolutionize 3D content creation using Artificial Intelligence. Eurosys Informatics is exhbiting at Laval Virtual on April 10-12, 2024, on booth A20 on the German Pavilion. Interview with Khushbu Verma, Co-Founder.

Can you introduce your company?

We are building a platform Dimensify to generated 3D content base don text prompt and single image upload, based on Generative AI (Stable Diffusion+NeRF/Gausian splatting). We want to remove manual work from 3D content generation. We will present our Prototype at LAVAL and plan to onboard a few pilot customers there after.

What is your company’s current project?

We are taking advantage of the Generative AI era, by making 3D content creation as easy as it can get. We are using the state of art Neural Radiance Field (NeRF) and Gaussian splatting. Our project has a lot of research possibilities with respect to Computational Power and improving the recently introduced Gaussian Splats in order to proper the world towards future of content.

What innovation do you think has most transformed the sector? How can immersive technologies impact tomorrow’s world?

Immersive technologies aim to reach mainstream consumers by identifying and capitalizing on various applications in advertising, entertainment, tourism, and industrial sectors. According to us, Generative AI and the new hardware devices introduced by Microsoft, Meta and Apple have most transformed the VR/AR area lately.

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