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42 projects selected for the ReVolution competitions

Laval Virtual revealed the 2021 selection of the ReVolution competitions

The Laval Virtual competitions highlight pioneer VR/AR projects.

Crédits photos : Prisma / Laval Virtual 2019

As part of the 2021 edition, Laval Virtual revealed the selection of the ReVolution competitions. 42 virtual and augmented reality projects have been chosen to exhibit at Europe’s first VR/AR event. Discover and test them from 7th to 9th July 2021!

ReVolution competitions: a springboard for exposure

Since the creation of the exhibition in 1999, the ReVolution competitions have highlighted pioneer and cutting-edge projects. As part of its mission to promote virtual reality and XR creators, Laval Virtual selects many projects every year.

The ReVolution competitions reward projects in 3 categories:

  • #Research: for private laboratories and universities
  • #Startups: for technological startups
  • #Students: for high education schools and students

The selected projects benefit from an exhibition booth at the event in the “ReVolution” labelled pavilions. Every year, this is the most innovative area of the exhibition! For these young entrepreneurs, it is an opportunity to get feedback on their work from VR/AR experts. They also have the chance to win a prestigious prize during the Laval Virtual Awards ceremony.

ReVolution 2021 selection unveiled

Laval Virtual recently revealed the 2021 selection for the ReVolution competitions. Industry, virtual worlds, training, games, immersion… Many themes are covered in the selected projects. Several nationalities are represented: France, Japan, Canada, the United States and the Netherlands. In all, no less than 42 projects and companies were selected this year!

The 42 projects will therefore be exhibited at the next edition of the Laval Virtual exhibition, which takes place from 7th to 9th July. This year, the 23rd edition is a hybrid event, with some of the projects visible in the physical exhibition space and others in the Laval Virtual World. In both cases, visitors will have the opportunity to meet the creators of these innovative projects and even test the experiments.

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