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Become the “King Pong” with this virtual reality game

King Pong: virtual reality ping pong game

The game King Pong takes the players to a futuristic universe.

Crédits photos : Iconik Studio

Released on the platform Steam on 18th Fébruary 2021, King Pong takes you to a retro universe, with neon and fluorescent colours. The virtual reality game, developed by Iconik studio, lets you practice ping pong against real players or an AI.

You are the “King Pong”!

Welcome in the epic world of Ping Pong! An 80s Tron-like atmosphere, Ultis to make your opponents look pale, ultra stylish characters, simple and effective game play, procedural electro music: King Pong.” This is how King Pong, a new virtual reality ping pong game, is described on the website of Iconik, the production studio behind it.

In this new virtual reality game, players can try an entertaining version of ping pong. As in sports rules, the principle of the game is simple: catch the ball thrown by an opponent in front of you. Where King Pong differs from reality is in the ability to trigger special moves and to live an immersive and futuristic experience where the ball can never leave the table!

Challenge your friends or players from around the world

In King Pong, players can play against an AI (artificial intelligence) and try to counter its most devious moves. Several levels are available, so that they can progressively improve until they become the “King”. It is also possible to play against other players from all over the world and participate in tournaments against the top ranked competitors.

King Pong will be available on several platforms: Steam, Oculus Rift Store and PSVR. The crossplay mode, soon to be available, allows you to play with your friends on any platform. The game is currently available in an early version on the Steam platform.

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