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CCI Mayenne and Laval Virtual: a partnership that fosters innovation

Visites guidées au salon VR / AR Laval Virtual

The CCI Mayenne is teaming up with Laval Virtual to offer guided tours on VR / AR.

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As a long-standing player in local economic development, the CCI Mayenne works on a daily basis to help businesses start up, grow and change hands. This year, the CCI Mayenne is a partner of the Laval Virtual exhibition, with the aim of encouraging local innovation and supporting the evangelisation of immersive technologies and their adoption within businesses. We spoke to Amandine Derouet, Attractiveness Coordinator and Digital Advisor at the CCI Mayenne.

A key player in local economic development

The CCI (short for Chamber of Commerce and Industry) has a number of missions: to follow businesses and represent their interests, to develop the local economy and to offer training for the young and professionals. “We support companies in Mayenne in a number of areas: business development, digital transition, human resources, competitiveness and fundraising,” explains Amandine Derouet, Attractiveness Coordinator at the CCI Mayenne.

In Mayenne, the CCI contributes to various ecosystems such as French Tech, whose players take part in the Laval Virtual exhibition. The CCI raises awareness and supports businesses in the areas of data, artificial intelligence (AI), future industry technologies and VR/AR. “Our role is to help them discover these technologies and make it easier for companies to take advantage of the opportunities they present.” For the Mayenne Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the companies it supports, the Laval Virtual exhibition is an opportunity to understand what new technologies and their uses can bring to the workplace.

Guided tours at Laval Virtual to raise awareness

As part of the partnership between the Mayenne CCI and Laval Virtual, guided tours are being organised during the exhibition. “They are general guided tours, to understand how immersive technologies are used in business“, explains Amandine Derouet. The aim is to support the companies represented by the CCI Mayenne to help them develop their skills in the field of VR/AR. “It’s important that they are aware of the current challenges and the potential of these rapidly developing technologies.

Booths are selected in advance to match the themes of each visiting company (training, marketing, IoT, industry, etc.). “In addition, we give them a list of booths to visit at the exhibition, according to their field of activity. We act as a guide, so they know where to go and who to talk to“. The guided tours help to make the technologies more accessible to a wider audience, and help companies to become aware of the possible applications for their activities and future projects.

In 2024, the guided tours at Laval Virtual are fully booked. “There’s a real interest,” praises Amandine Derouet. “It’s also a great way for Mayenne companies to meet each other. The local ecosystem is our strength, and it’s important to take advantage of it.” Of the 115 exhibitors this year, 15 are Mayenne companies. To find out more about them, come and visit us on April 10-12, 2024, in Laval, Mayenne.

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