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Cleaning solutions for your VR equipment with Uvisan

Système de nettoyage de casque VR par Uvisan

Uvisan uses UV-C light technology to disinfect RV equipment.

Crédits photos : Uvisan

Uvisan specialises in the disinfection of immersive equipment. With the Covid pandemic having created an additional need, Uvisan has chosen UV-C light technology for its cleaning solutions. The company will be exhibiting at Laval Virtual on April 10-12, 2024 on stand A42. Interview with Luke Fisher, Director.

Can you introduce your company?

Uvisan is the UK’s leading UV-C disinfection company for the VR/XR industry. Our range of UV-C cabinets are trusted by companies and organisations across the World to safely store, charge and disinfect VR headsets and other shared devices with up to 99.999% bacterial and viral kill rates.

What will your company show at Laval Virtual 2024?

At Laval we will be launching our new large Pro series cabinet featuring unrivalled UV-C power, a patent pending internal design and wifi connectivity for remote reporting and monitoring, we will also launch our new portable Pro-mini UV-C box, capable of rapidly charging and disinfecting up to two headsets. Also on display will be our original UV-C cabinets.

What is your company’s current innovation?

Uvisan has been innovating the UV-C field since 2020, we are continuing to push the boundaries of the science and physics of UV-C disinfection to continually improve efficacy and the customer experience through novel design and connected technology.

What innovation do you think has most transformed the world of VR/AR?

The advent and rise of photorealistic pass-through AR will we believe be a game changer for VR in industry, education, recreation and medicine.

The baseline of our 26th edition is “Act For The Future”. In your opinion, how can immersive technologies impact the world of tomorrow?

Bringing new resources direct to the point of use and integrating the real world with augmented reality will change the way people work and learn.

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