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SkillsVR, the all-in-one immersive training solution

SkillsVR has released a solution for creating, deploying and analysing VR training sessions.

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SkillsVR, a US company, is preparing the immersive training of the future. It provides hardware and software solutions to encourage companies to adopt virtual reality training. SkillsVR makes it easy for professionals to create VR training content, test it with their teams and measure the results of learning sessions. SkillsVR will be exhibiting at Laval Virtual on April 10-12, 2024, on stand A64. Interview with Andy Trainor, CEO of SkillsVR.

Can you introduce your company?

SkillsVR provides enterprise VR training solutions led by our team of industry experts committed to revolutionizing organizational learning and development. We specialize in harnessing the power of immersive technologies to deliver highly effective, engaging, and scalable training experiences. Drawing from my experience scaling VR initiatives for 1.6 million learners as Walmart’s former CLO, I bring invaluable insights to SkillsVR. 

We are dedicated to offering comprehensive and innovative VR training solutions that enhance engagement, reduce costs, and drive measurable learning outcomes. Our focus on scalability and industry-leading expertise positions us as a trusted partner for organizations leveraging VR for enhanced training and development experiences.

What will your company show at Laval Virtual 2024?

At Laval Virtual 2024, SkillsVR will showcase our cutting-edge Enterprise VR Training solutions alongside the Extended Reality as a Service (XRaaS) bundle, which includes hardware, software, content, and Quest for Business. This comprehensive package ensures seamless VR training implementation and ongoing support, highlighting our expertise in scalable immersive learning. Attendees can experience firsthand how SkillsVR’s solutions empower organizations to scale training initiatives, drive innovation, and harness the benefits of immersive learning.

What is your company’s current project?

At SkillsVR, we’re dedicated to democratizing VR training and content creation, making immersive learning accessible to all. While VR holds transformative potential for organizational training, we recognize the challenges in adoption and implementation. To tackle this, we’ve introduced vital solutions: Affordable VR hardware, User-friendly Content Creation Kit, XRaaS bundle for seamless VR training implementation. By democratizing VR training, we empower organizations to harness immersive learning effectively, regardless of their scale or resources.

What innovation do you think has most transformed the world of VR/AR?

AI has transformed organizational VR/AR training by creating user-centric experiences that enhance learning outcomes. Our AI characters establish emotional connections, dynamically adjust interactions based on learner responses, and personalize coaching approaches, driving engagement and effectiveness. This innovation scales seamlessly and delivers impactful training experiences for every learner.

The baseline of our 26th edition is “Act For The Future”. In your opinion, how can immersive technologies impact the world of tomorrow?

Immersive technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) aren’t just shaping the future but are actively transforming our world today. In education and training, they revolutionize learning and skill acquisition. VR training solutions, like the ones provided by SkillsVR, offer immersive and interactive experiences that engage learners in ways that traditional methods cannot, boosting retention rates and learning outcomes. As we look towards the future, immersive technologies will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the next generation of learners and the workforce.

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