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CoreTechnologie, expert for immersive design assistance tools

CoreTechnologie is exhibiting at Laval Virtual on April 12-14, 2023.

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With its 20 years of experience, CoreTechnologie is specialized in data processing and visualization in collaborative immersive environments. Over 350 companies are using CoreTechnologie’s solutions, in various business areas like automotive, aeronautics and industry. CoreTechnologie is exhibiting at Laval Virtual event on April 12-14, 2023, in booth B21. Interview with Jérôme Renard, Business Manager.

Can you introduce your company?

CoreTechnologie is a 3D software company with twenty years of experience. Our field of action is computer-assisted design (CAD) for the industrial domain. We develop exchange, simplification and CAD analysis solutions. Since recently, we are also proposing a software for 3D printing preparation.

What will you exhibit at Laval Virtual 2023?

We are exhibiting 3D_Evolution SIMPLIFIER, a software to simplify CAD data and bring fluidity to virtual and augmented reality solutions.

Laval Virtual is celebrating its 25th edition this year. Do you have any memories to share since the first edition in 1999?

I remember a roller coaster simulator a few years back. It really impressed me! I believe that some theme parks are using this technology today to modernize their old attractions.

The world of immersive tech was shaken up by the rise of the Metaverse and virtual worlds. What is your opinion on these?

For now, the Metaverse remains a recreational activity. I don’t know if I’m looking forward to the business world embracing it… In any case, at CoreTechnologie, research & development has taken up the subject and there are many reflections to conduct.

How do you see the VR world in 10 years?

I think that the general public will adopt virtual reality massively with the weight reduction of headsets and the development of augmented glasses. But it also seems necessary for some big players like Meta, to considerably improve the content of their metaverse.

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