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Create your 100% digital product catalogue with Urbasee

Tablette qui montre un projet immobilier en réalité augmentée

Artefacto is an agency specialising in augmented reality, virtual reality and 360° tours.

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Artefacto is an agency specialising in augmented reality, virtual reality and 360° tours. It offers services and software in the industry, real estate and training sectors. Artefacto has developed Urbasee, an augmented reality application to create a digital product catalogue, particularly suited to the real estate sector. Artefacto will be exhibiting at Laval Virtual on April 10-12, 2024, on booth A86. Interview with Valérie Cottereau, Managing Director.

Can you introduce your company?

Artefacto specialises in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and 3D visualisation. With over 20 years’ experience, we base our core business on the production of software (Urbasee, City Sense, Kaliviz) and service solutions (mobile apps, web, images, films, etc.) for the industry, real estate and training sectors to help market, explain and train.

What will your company show at Laval Virtual 2024?

In a constantly evolving industrial world, where expertise in the water, waste and nuclear sectors is becoming crucial, our company has positioned itself as the partner of choice to support players in these sectors in their communication strategy and promotion of their industrial processes. At Laval Virtual 2024, we’ll be showcasing our solutions designed to meet the challenges faced by these industries: support in submitting bids, AR-enhanced educational courses, multi-platform virtual tours, job discovery, consultation and product marketing.

As part of this last service, we have developed UrbaseeTM, an augmented reality application specially designed to enhance the visualisation of products in 3D. It is positioned as a business support tool, offering users the ability to project themselves realistically into their future projects. The application facilitates the decision-making process and takes the buying experience to a new level.

With UrbaseeTM, 3D models can be integrated to create immersive augmented reality experiences. Its features include an innovative digital catalogue, the ability to display content in AR even without an internet connection, virtual reality visualisation and a wide range of business options for complete customisation. The application promotes collaboration through remote project sharing and efficient customer file management, reinforcing its essential role in the digital transformation of sales processes.

What innovation do you think has most transformed the world of VR/AR?

In 2023, the outstanding innovation of the year was undoubtedly Apple Vision Pro, which introduced innovative applications previously unavailable on other platforms. More generally, it is also worth highlighting the significant evolution of wearable technologies like smart glasses (from brands such as Samsung, Rokid, etc.), which leverage the processing power of smartphones to deliver fresh user experiences.

The baseline of our 26th edition is “Act For The Future”. In your opinion, how can immersive technologies impact the world of tomorrow?

Augmented reality technologies will transform the way we access and interact with information, enabling real-time contextualisation for decision-making and learning. Applications are expected to diversify, including maintenance support, skills enhancement through training programmes, optimisation of operational procedures and assistance with navigation and travel.

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