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Dive into the wild with virtual reality

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It’s possible to be in a ship and visit the Asian jungle or the African plains at the same time! That’s the aim of the virtual reality experience set up by Corsica Ferries in collaboration with Wild Immersion. The aim is not only to showcase the world’s flora and fauna, but also to raise awareness of the need to preserve it.

Corsica Ferries takes you further with virtual reality

The virtual reality experience opened on August 1 on Corsica Ferries’ largest ship, the Pascal Lota. A total of 2,200 passengers will be able to enjoy this new experience during their journey! Lenovo Mirage headsets will be available on ten seats throughout the ship. During the experience, passengers will be immersed in a wild world, discovering the wonders of biodiversity and nature.

If you’d like to give it a try, it will cost you €5. This sum helps Wild Immersion to finance educational and awareness-raising projects on flora and fauna, in particular on the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of threatened or endangered species.

“Travelers may find themselves nose-to-nose with lions in Africa, or find themselves wanting to touch the fur of pandas in Asia… It’s a multi-dimensional experience that gives pride of place to the senses, offering a unique exploration of the planet.”

Corsica Ferries press release

Virtual reality to raise awareness of nature conservation

To carry out this experiment, the Wild Immersion team travelled to some of the wildest places on the planet. Over the course of a year and a half, they captured 360° images in 40 countries. Adrien Moisson, a veterinarian by training and former advertising executive, created Wild Immersion with the aim of raising awareness. With his company, he strives to make the world understand the need to protect biodiversity and its species. Virtual reality is an excellent tool for raising awareness. The images shot for the experience plunge us into the heart of the natural habitat of hundreds of species.

The partnership between Wild Immersion and Corsica Ferries is part of a recent commitment made by the shipping line. In 2017, it equipped its ships with a system to avoid collisions with cetaceans during crossings. With this detection system, Corsica Ferries aims to help save marine species.

Source : L’Usine Digitale

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