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Hado: the sport in augmented reality from Japan

HADO, the augmented reality sport from Japan

Crédits photos : Hado Esport

Hado: the futuristic dodgeball between real and virtual sport

Hado is an e-sport that is practiced with an augmented reality headset and a connected bracelet. Players shoot energy balls as in “Dragon Ball Z” to attack their opponents and activate virtual shields to defend themselves.

It is also possible to generate a shield to protect yourself, so teamwork is essential. A play area of 6*10 metres is necessary, it can be practised almost anywhere: garden, company, camping, school…

The last HADO World Cup in Japan

A very popular sport in Japan

In its PVP version (player vs player), HADO can be played from the age of 7. For the youngest, the HADO Shoot and Monster Battle versions can be played from the age of 5.

In 2019, there is even a HADO World Cup held in Tokyo. An average of 400 people attended each match to support their teams. More than a thousand people followed the event live from all over the world.

What equipment should I use to play HADO?

To play, each player has an augmented reality headset designed specifically for HADO. It is open on the sides, so players do not have the feeling of being locked up as with virtual reality headsets.

A connected bracelet allows you to track the movements of your hand in order to perform various actions: throwing an energy ball, recharging and creating a shield. Players can choose skill points at the beginning of the game via the bracelet: speed and power of the energy balls, recharging time and power of the shield.

On an individual level, reflexes are the most solicited. But it all depends on the choice of attributes made by each player at the beginning of the game. It is up to you to use your skill points as you see fit. Some prefer to choose the speed of the projectiles, others prefer the power of the shields or the time to recharge the energy which is a point not to be neglected. Nobody likes to be short on the battlefield! Translated with (free version)

Sources: Hado ESport

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