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Health and virtual reality at the heart of the Laval Virtual Days

Laval Virtual Days Health and virtual reality

Healthcare is one of the most promising sector in the virtual reality field.

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On December 8th, Laval Virtual organizes the Laval Virtual Days, a half-day about health. In this domain, virtual and augmented reality are today widely tested by several branches of the profession. An event to inspire and gather which will take place in the Laval Virtual World, in partnership with Virtual Switzerland.

The benefits of virtual and augmented reality

Today, there are 9 major uses of virtual and augmented reality in the health sector: medical device, therapy, diagnosis, training, mediation, medical assistance, rehabilitation, sensibilization and predictive medicine. But immersive technologies are still underdeveloped in this domain given their potential. How are immersive technologies are becoming follow-up and diagnosis tools for the patients, or event treatments? How to best make use of VR/AR in healthcare?

The COVID-19 health crisis has revealed the importance of new technologies, including virtual reality, for patients and medical staff. In this unique context, we had to treat ourselves differently, at a distance, and even to practice self-diagnosis. Virtual reality and its converging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, have proved to be an important weapon in research. How to better understand a new virus, its symptoms and its impact on the human body? How can virtual reality help understanding the evolution and composition of the virus and hoping to develop a vaccine? More than ever, virtual and augmented reality must establish themselves in healthcare.

VR/AR applications in healthcare

The programme of this day aims to show all the possibles uses of virtual and augmented reality in the fields of health and medicine. Nicolas Ribeyre, VR/AR Intelligence Manager at Laval Virtual, introduces the conferences with a use cases presentation. The expertise of Laval Virtual in the medical field is well advanced. This is evidenced by the publication of a special edition that gathers testimonials from health experts.

For the rest of the day, be prepared to explore an unexplored part of your body: the brain. Kathrin Brunner invites you to embark on an elaborate poetic experience using the latest scientific models of the brain and neurosensitive virtual reality. Mind the Brain! promises “a unique and magical access to the essence of the human being“.

After this confusing experience, we return to more practical use cases, presenting virtual reality as a training and educational tool. Anne-Laure Thévoz, Senior Lecturer at the Swiss Institute and School of Health, will talk about the introduction of virtual reality in her institution. The École de la Source has created the first virtual reality educational platform for the training of nurses in blood transfusion. In addition, Philippe C. Cattin, Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Basel in Switzerland, will explain how virtual reality is used to help surgeons plan operations and avoid errors.

The half-day conference will end with an exchange between several specialists in the medical field: Paolo Catilo, CEO of OramaVR, which is developing a virtual reality medical training solution; Matteo Mancuso, researcher in human biomechanics; Frederick Van Gestel, PhD and researcher in neurosurgery, and Cathline Smoos, sex therapist and specialist in SexTech.

An event to inspire and gather

Since 2014, Laval Virtual has been organising the Laval Virtual Days. These thematic days allow you to discover virtual and augmented reality solutions applied to the business world. The Laval Virtual Days are aimed at those who wish to better understand and master immersive technologies and anticipate their evolution. Since 2020, the Laval Virtual Days have been held in the Laval Virtual World, a unifying virtual world that brings together people from all over the world.

The Laval Virtual Days Health will be held on 8 December from 5 pm (CEST time). The day begins with conferences to discover the latest advances in terms of VR/AR in health. Then, a networking moment is planned between the participants to encourage meetings and business. Laval Virtual has set up a mobile and web application to enable all visitors, speakers and exhibitors to get in touch and share.

Laval Virtual Days Health
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