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Ice hockey training in virtual reality

Mental preparation for hocky team in virtual reality

Crédits photos : Hockey Journal

Immersive technologies are transforming sport in all its aspects, not just for the spectators. From now on, it is the athletes who benefit from the new innovations, in which they find solutions to be able to continue training despite the current context.

Mental preparation in the VR headset

Sense Arena is a solution that helps improve performance by integrating brain training into the athlete’s preparation. The solution can be used in 3 cases: training, performance diagnosis and rehabilitation.

This virtual reality solution was adopted during the summer by the Hockey Canada organization. Some training sessions took place virtually. These included team-building activities, mental preparation and ice sliding simulations. The virtual programs were held twice a week to ensure that the athletes continued to develop their skills despite the pandemic.

More than 50 exercises

During the training, several work sessions are proposed, with more than 50 exercises and nearly a dozen pre-established training plans :

  • Working on reaction speed in Hockey
  • Working on decision making
  • Anticipation of time movement
  • Hockey intelligence, i.e. working on open lanes, distance, game situation

Source: NetNewsLedger

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