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Recto VRso at Vancouver for the second consecutive year

Recto VRso virtual gallery at Vancouver

Crédits photos : Alliance Française

The Recto VRso festival is exported to Canada for the second time. Last year, artists that exhibited in the previous editions of the Laval festival, traveled to Vancouver to present their artwork. This year being particular, the programme has to evolve.

An art exhibition in virtual reality

In 2019, for the first edition of this collaboration, the public could discover digital artwork at the Alliance Française in Vancouver. The current context has made it impossible to conceive an exhibition like last year. However, the artist and researcher Judith Guez, who is also the creator of the Recto VRso festival, imagined a full virtual version of an art gallery to be explored in VR.

This virtual gallery was created by Judith herself, based on the work of 16 international digital artists. It guides you through the decor of a chapel; the place that was chose to initially host the Recto VRso exhibition in April. Judith, with the help of collaborators, recreated this chapel in 3D, and reproducted the scenography she had in mind. To transform the virtual gallery in a virtual reality experience, she asked the help of Kreis Immersive, a company from Vancouver.

A glimpse of the Recto VRso virtual gallery

Free access for a unique VR experience

The virtual gallery was accessible before via the Recto VRso website with its web version. Now, you can really experiment each artwork with a VR headset, interact with the content thanks to a pair of controllers. This is the most immersive art experience you are going to live this year.

In 2020, we decided to make a multi-platform festival. The Recto VRso website is the portal to enter the different parts of the festival. […] There is an access to the virtual gallery of Recto VRso. The idea is to have a preview of the artworks and to virtually move in the scenography initially planned.

Judith Guez, curator and director of Recto VRso Festival

The virtual gallery will be accessible for free from October 2nd to 4th on the Alliance Français website. The Recto VRso @Vancouver platform will be officially launched on October 2nd in the Laval Virtual. Artists will be there to talk about their work.

You can have access to the VR experience of the virtual gallery from your home. But if you are currently living in Vancouver, you can go to the offices of the Alliance Française and try the experience. All you need to do is book a time slot to make sure not to miss this opportunity!

And for those who don’t own a VR headset, don’t worry, there is a web version of the virtual gallery. It’s a simplified interactive version of the experience, but it allows you to discover the scenography, the artworks and the artists. Visit the Recto VRso website.

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