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RevinoLabs is using VR for mental and behavioral health

Médecin avec un casque de réalité virtuelle

RevinoLabs is exhibiting at Laval Virtual on April 12-14, 2023.

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RevinoLabs is a Dutch company that develops virtual reality solutions for the health sector. It is specialized in mental and behavioral health. Its PSYDVR application treats symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression through a virtual world. RevinoLabs is an exhibitor at Laval Virtual on April 12-14, 2023 on booth B20. Interview with Umut Yılmaz, Software Engineer.

Can you introduce RevinoLabs?

RevinoLabs is a health tech company that develops virtual reality (VR) technologies and provides comprehensive therapeutics for mental and behavioral health. We build health products that can be used on mobile devices and VR glasses using VR technologies. We aim to help patients monitor, diagnose, manage, and improve their health by providing user-friendly, high-quality solutions.

Our team consists of people competent in software development and biomedical sciences. Eser Sağaltıcı (M.D.) has essential studies in the field of mental trauma and has been working as a psychiatrist for 10 years. During that time, he has treated thousands of patients and has acquired significant clinical practice and knowledge. He decided to design software solutions by combining his professional experience and academic expertise to help patients maintain and improve their mental health. Onder Albayram (M.Sci., Ph.D.) is investigating the behavioral aspects of neuronal (mis)communication in brain physiology and pathological conditions relevant to the progression of stress- and trauma-related disorders. Umut Yılmaz (B.Sci.) is continuing his academic studies and research at the Institute of Cognitive Science in Osnabrück, Germany, in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroinformatic. He is in the management of the software development process.

Thanks to the leadership of these pioneers, we develop special projects in the mental health field using VR technologies. We aim to create groundbreaking projects in patient care, medical education, and treatment methods using combinatorial VR technologies in the health sector. In addition, we aim to bring a different perspective to the health sector by offering innovative solutions in this field.

Why did you choose VR for healthcare solutions?

One of the main reasons we turned to VR solutions for mental and physical health is that we see the opportunities technology offers to the healthcare industry and that these opportunities can play an important role in protecting and improving people’s mental and physical health. The VR technology can be used in areas such as physical rehabilitation, psychological therapy and surgical training, and these applications offer many advantages compared to traditional treatment methods. By improving the patient experience, VR technology can increase participation in treatment and help make the treatment process more effective and efficient. In addition, thanks to VR technology, it may be possible to detect and prevent certain diseases early.

The VR technology can also assist healthcare professionals in their professional development. By combining VR and mobile technologies, we plan to enable people to monitor their mental and physical health constantly and to reach healthcare professionals whenever they want. We want to provide better healthcare to people through customizable and easy-to-use interfaces. Our goal is to enable people to access healthcare faster and easier. As a result, we want to evaluate the opportunities that VR technology offers to the health sector and contribute to people’s health by using these opportunities.

What will your company offer in Laval 2023?

In the first stage, we developed our VOCTOR brand, which offers solutions in the health sector with VR technology. VOCTOR represents a doctor in VR and will offer solutions in the fields of psychological therapy and rehabilitation in the first place. Our “Psychedelic Virtual Reality” (PSYDVR) application, which we especially want to present in Laval, is an application that combines psychedelic environments, binaural music, and VR technology to affect mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or attention deficits as well as a sleep problem.

VR and psychedelics are two different titles that deepen and change people’s experiences. However, when these two titles come together, the PSYDVR experience emerges. PSYDVR creates a virtual world that can change the natural world and affect one’s emotional, intellectual, and spiritual levels. In other words, PSYDVR is an application designed to deepen and change people’s experiences. Another essential feature of our PSYDVR application is that it contains binaural music. Binaural music can have various positive effects, such as transmitting sounds of different frequencies differently to both earphones, increasing the activation of other brain regions, and reducing stress and anxiety.

PSYDVR is created by simulating experiences created using psychedelic agents in VR. In this way, people can experience similar psychedelic experiences in the real world in the virtual environment. For example, a forest or mountain landscape can be created in virtual reality, and one’s understanding can be deepened by changing colors, sounds, and movements in this landscape. Psychedelic environments in VR can also be used for clinical research. While VR technology can be used to create psychedelic environments alone, it can be added to psychedelic treatments to increase treatment adherence, increase the effectiveness of treatment, and even be used as a stand-alone maintenance therapy. For these reasons, the PSYDVR app offers an innovative approach with psychedelic environments, binaural music, and VR technologies. It has excellent potential for both personal development, improvement of negative psychological symptoms, and clinical research.

What will users find in the PSYDVR application?

PSYDVR application is designed to help users deal with mental health symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and attention deficit. By combining VR technology, psychedelic environments, and binaural music, users can immerse themselves in a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Users can choose the most suitable background for them by choosing among the various options offered by PSYDVR. They can choose the music according to their wishes and create their streams. They can also make their journey by adding their photos to some of our streams. PSYDVR also offers features that help users clear their minds and meditate. In this way, users feel refreshed, more vigorous, and relaxed. PSYDVR also has noteworthy surprises for the future. Users will have a more compelling experience with new updates and features of the application.

What do you think VR adds to health and where do you see yourself in this field in the future?

VR technology has the potential to affect human life in different areas positively. However, for this technology to touch human life, it must be used in the light of scientific data and based on a solid foundation. VR technology has been a rapidly developing field in recent years, and the health sector also benefits from this technology. VR can contribute to human health by using it in medical applications, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, and education. For example, surgical training and simulations can be performed using VR technology. In this way, surgeons can be prepared for challenging situations. In addition, VR therapies can treat many mental health problems, such as phobias, anxiety disorders, and depression.

We imagine ourselves developing flexible and creative applications in the light of scientific data so that VR technology can touch human life in the future. In this way, making people’s lives easier and more enjoyable may be possible. It will be an exciting opportunity for us to contribute to the healthcare industry using innovative technologies such as VR. We use the flexibility and creativity of VR for people; we will use it.

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