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The digital art festival Recto VRso lifts the veil on its 4th virtual edition

Digital Art Festival Recto VRso 2021

The 4th edition of the digital art festival Recto VRso is held on April 14-16, 2021.

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The digital art festival Recto VRso is held from April 14th to 16th 2021 online. Created in 2018 alongside the Laval Virtual exhibition, Recto VRso organizes its 4th edition in 2021. This first virtual part proposes a programme with conferences, performances and meetings with artists.

Online art and performances at the heart of the programme

For this 4th virtual edition, the Recto VRso festival focuses on the theme of online art: how to create, exhibit and visit in virtual? Every day, conferences will bring answers and question the new artistic practises emerging during this time of global pandemic.

Many artists will take part in this virtual edition, as well as 30 speakers: directors of museums, owners of art galleries, schedulers of digital art festivals, university researchers, curators, etc.

This year, Recto VRso partners with Making Lemonade, an online event on the theme: “How can cultural actors make the best out of the necessity to provide more content online?”. Making Lemonade is organized by the French Embassy in Korea, the Goethe Institute and the Art Center Nabi. Conferences and performances will be held every morning from April 14th to 16th at 11am, CET.

Opening of the virtual doors on Wednesday April 14th at 1pm

The countdown is on! On April 14th at 1pm, the doors of the Laval Virtual World will open to welcome the visitors of the Recto VRso festival. They can then discover the virtual exhibitions and networking areas.

Among the exhibitors, a lot of museums and art galleries will be present for the occasion. Partners schools and universities will also come to present their research works on virtual reality and art. To optimize your visit during the 3 days, Recto VRso provides a mobile application to book business appointments. The festival ends on Friday 16th April with the announcement of the winner of the cross-residency in partnership with Stereolux.

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