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The first Convention of Ethics and Future Technologies

Convention of Ethics and Future Technologies organized by Laval Virtual and Ouest-France

Crédits photos : Ouest-France

Professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, elected representatives, philosophers, clerics, writers… will discuss in front of 450 participants of immersive and digital technologies during the first edition of the Convention of Ethics and Future Technologies organized by Ouest-France and Laval Virtual on December 1st 2020 in Laval. The paleontologist Yves Coppens will be the great witness of this day.

Ethics and digital at the heart of debates

This exclusive event in France aims to encourage discussions on ethical issues that many professionals from the field of advanced and digital technologies are facing.

“This national and very innovative event is based on the Laval Virtual exhibition supported by Ouest-France. Ethics is a source of reflection and a major stake in the field of new technologies. It’s the DNA, the signature of our leading daily newspaper and oour partners for this Convention”, explains Alain Le Bloa, Departmental Director of Ouest-France Mayenne.

It is in a desire for debate that we decided with Ouest-France to launch the Convention of Ethics and Future Technologies. With questions that raise vertiginous trajectories of reflection.

Laurent Chrétien, CEO of Laval Virtual

The main theme of this first edition is the notion of time: Can technologies reduce or accelerate time according to our desires or needs? Is time a constraint? Will humankind still have enough time to manage the technological acceleration? Does the memory of humankind have to be fully digitized? Will our lives be better if we become technologically immortal?

High-level speakers on the programme

All these questions and even more will be discussed with Yves Coppens, paleontologist, paleoanthropologist and professor emeritus at the National Museum of Natural History and the Collège de France, who agreed to be the great witness of this event, but also with Christine Balagué, former Vice-President of the National Digital Council and holder of the Mines-Telecom Social Networks Chair, Cécile Dejoux, Professor at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts and specialist in artificial intelligence… Other speakers will be announced soon.

Tuesday 1st December 2020 at the Laval Theater (in the French Department of Mayenne) and in the Laval Virtual World.

This hybrid event, co-organized with Ouest-France and Laval Virtual, is supported by the major actors of a territory of cutting-edge innovation on the technologies of the future: the Pays-de-la-Loire Region, the Departmental Council of Mayenne, Laval Agglomeration, and also the Actual group and 20 minutes as media partners.

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