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The Laval Virtual Center, a concentrate of innovation

The Laval Virtual Center at Laval Technopôle

Crédits photos : Jacques Olivier

As one of the major players in the Laval Technopole, the Laval Virtual Center proudly stands as the first international hub for virtual reality and augmented reality. A catalyst for innovative uses for immersive technologies, the contemporary looking building conceals three expert VR/AR structures.

On October 5, 2017, a small crowd gathered in front of a building, entirely in glass, at the entry of the Laval Technopole. With their heads up in the air, they watched an acrobat wander along the walls, admiring the modernity of the architecture at the same time. Two years after this inauguration, the Laval Virtual Center has become a major part of the Laval economic landscape. Today, it has established itself as the leading international hub for virtual reality and augmented reality. Some forty people work there every day to create the immersive technologies of tomorrow and the most innovative uses.

An immersion in the heart of innovation

Three structures share the futuristic facilities of the Laval Virtual Center. Hidden at the entrance of the building, the Laval Virtual offices bring together a small group of twenty or so bubbling minds, armed to facilitate the use of virtual reality. The team organises events all over the world: Laval, Qingdao, Amsterdam, where suppliers and users can exchange, share and nurture projects. Every year, the International Virtual and Augmented Reality Exhibition gives rhythm to the city of Laval for five days in the spring. In order to offer the best content and cutting-edge technologies, an intelligence service keeps itself continually informed of trends. Its role is also to guide companies in their adoption of immersive technologies through news feeds, case study presentations and creativity sessions.

Clarté‘s engineers are at his side to accompany him in his drive for innovation. All you need to do to enter this research laboratory is to walk three short metres and avoid a swing. Clarté acts as a facilitator for professionals eager to understand and master immersive technologies. Its field of expertise also extends to research and development. Here, researchers and doctors invent the future of virtual and augmented reality.

At the top of the stairs, the potential of virtual reality is growing. Gathered in classrooms, copiously surrounded by computers, VR headsets, controllers, Arts et Métiers students are trained in immersive technologies. The school offers a master’s degree to discover virtual reality and learn how to design immersive projects and innovative applications. Within the Laval Virtual Center, students benefit from the expertise of engineers and state-of-the-art equipment.

The visit ends on the mezzanine, which overlooks the spacious Agora, a space for co-working, relaxing and gathering for events. Both venues are part of the Laval Virtual Center’s rental offer. Five areas are dedicated to professionals for conferences, afterworks, work groups, cocktails and demonstrations. All the more reason to approach this unique venue brimming with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Laval Virtual Center it’s…

3 expert VR/AR facilities 4 rental spaces for events 1 higher education course on virtual engineering

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