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The sensations of mountain biking in virtual reality

A VR experience of mountain bike

Crédits photos : VRScout

A bicycle shop in the Netherlands opened a new installation: Ride Out. This is a virtual reality experience that allows you to ride a mountain bike as if you were in real life. It is based on figures and movements performed by the Scottish champion Danny MacAskill, who is not afraid of height (and risks!).

The experience invites participants to pedal in two locations in Scotland and Switzerland. It was developed with Unreal Engine by the immersive content studio Rewind and Cut Media. The images projected in the virtual reality headset are taken from drone and front camera shots from a 2014 film about the Scottish mountain bike champion.

A simulator gives the impression of being on the mountain

In addition to the virtual reality headset and the images projected inside, users are installed on a simulator. This allows the riders to feel the terrain, even if it is virtual, thanks to force feedback in the handlebars. At the same time, a platform moves in all directions, increasing the feeling of immersion and the adrenaline of the experience.

As the experience is based on the sessions of a mountain bike champion, high level athletes can very well use this simulation for their training. At this time of year, it is sometimes difficult to travel to other countries (which have varied landscapes), and this solution can help to train on different terrains that may not be available close to home.

Source: VRScout

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