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VRDays 2021: 5 days of inspiration across the world

VRDays Europe takes place on 13-17 November in Amsterdam and internationally.

Crédits photos : VRDays Europe 2021 / Artrance

Since 2015 VRDays Europe, has been a 3-day event focusing on the transformative power of immersive technologies in business, science and art. For the 7th edition, VRDays Europe introduces a sustainable, decentralized event model: Immersive Tech Week, November 13-17, in Amsterdam and all around the world.

5 days on immersive technologies

Ready for a change? In 2021, VRDays Europe is transforming! Not 3, not 4, but 5 days of event are planned on immersive technologies. And for the first time, VRDays Europe is opening its doors to the general public. Regular attendees are welcome to discover the universe of virtual reality, alongside the XR professionals.

Immersive Tech Week is “the playground, test ground and launchpad for the creators of our future worlds”, explains Benjamin de Wit, director of VRDays Europe. During five days, visitors are invited to explore the emerging technologies that are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. The topic this year is: “Can immersive tech help us to create a more equal, safe and prosperous life?”

Attend VRDays 2021 from all around the world

To ensure that everyone can join VRDays, the event is happening both online and physically. Online, the Laval Virtual World will be a place of inspiration and encounters. Many moments of networking and roundtable discussions are planned. “The platform brings people together to work, learn, meet, and train in an immersive virtual world”, points out Benjamin de Wit.

In the real world, partners of VRDays Europe will organize Satellite Events all over the world. “The Amsterdam satellite event is the central satellite, at the OBA Oosterdok public library. Worldwide visitors have the opportunity to attend one of the other Satellite Events near them.” Each satellite event will propose a specific conference programme and a list of exhibitors from the local XR community.

Open calls are out

Do you want to speak, exhibit or present your project at VRDays Europe? Apply for the 2021 open calls: speaker, exhibitor, sponsors, IFM and Church of VR. The Immersive Funding Market connects XR creators with investors, projects with money, inspiration with opportunities. Church of VR highlights immersive VR experience; each work will be presented to an international public at one of the physical Satellite Event locations.

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