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VRDays connects worldwide VR/AR Community from 4 till 6 November

VRDays Europe - 6th edition

VRDays Europe 6th edition is exploring new horizons and setting up an event online.

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How do you connect with your community in times of crisis and isolation? How can we share knowledge, inspire each other and create new partnerships when we are not able to travel? These societal issues truly are a hard nut to crack for many event organisers nowadays. For VRDays Europe, the annual 3-day event focusing on immersive technology in business, science, and art, their journey has led to the “New Horizons” edition. By using platforms such as Oculus TV, Vimeo, VirBELA, Zoom and hosted by a large number of Satellite Events, the global VR/AR community will come together again.

Over 3 days, 30+ conference sessions will be held on different (online) platforms to connect the worldwide VR/AR community. 150+ international experts are set to talk about the latest innovations in the immersive tech industry and how they shape the world of tomorrow. Among the final contributors announced are Amy Seidenwurm (Oculus VR for Good), Blake Kammerdiener (SXSW), Francesco Giordana (Netflix), Jason Lovell (PwC, UK), A.I. Artist and Storyteller of the Future Karen PalmerKavya Pearlman (XR Safety Initiative), Sophie Kleber (Google), Sallyann Houghton (Epic Games), Timmy Ghiurau (Volvo Cars), Tim Massey (VICON), Toby Coffey (National Theatre London) and Veronica Yip (NVIDIA).

Vision & Impact Conference Livestream from Kromhouthal in Amsterdam

The annual Vision & Impact Conference, which normally takes place in the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam, will now be live-streamed on Vimeo from this location. It is the place where *XR experts virtually are brought together from all over the world to present practical cases that impact us today and set the vision for the future. During panel discussions and keynotes, topics of great importance to the community and wider industry will be tackled such as The Future of Work, VR in Education, Virtual Conferencing and much more.

Satellite Events in- and from 30 countries

Brand new in 2020 are the 30 Satellite Events that VRDays is co-hosting. Communities of VR/AR enthusiasts can take part in these small scale corona-friendly events that are happening across the world and on digital platforms like Microsoft Mixed Reality and Somnium Space. They offer workshops, talks, networking, and special VR experiences.

Church of VR through Oculus TV

Church of VR is a free-to-access and unique experience where the audience can interact with award-winning creative projects, fully immersed in VR and, for the first time, available through Oculus TV. Visitors are able to experience Church of VR with any Oculus headset from home, or when attending one of the Satellite Events. The Cosmic Laughter of Cucci BinacaThe Principle Dancer, and Saving My Oasis are projects that are set to have their world premiere in Church of VR. On top of that, you’ll find the best of Church 360 concepts and other award-winning ideas.

Laval Virtual World

Instead of a physical trade show in the Kromhouthal, visitors can now attend the virtual version of it with a personalised avatar from wherever they are. Meet and connect with each other and the hottest XR tech companies of this moment. The expo is held in the Laval Virtual World and powered by VirBELA.

Virbela is excited to partner with VRDays to provide an engaging and immersive virtual event experience, allowing guests to interact virtually and network as they would at an in-person event.” 

Ted Laatz, VP of Events

With a print magazine, Satellite Events across the world and on immersive platforms, live streaming conferences, a funding market in Zoom, a virtual trade show and Oculus TV, VRDays is showcasing what an event of the future looks like. With the support of Cleanbox TechnologiesCity of AmsterdamCreative EuropeCreative Industries Fund NL, HPLaval VirtualOculusVicon and Vive X, VRDays Europe will continue to give the XR community the possibility to meet, connect and share knowledge, wherever they are in the world. 

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