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4 immersive projects highlighted at ReVolution 2022 competitions

Virtual reality project presented at the Laval Virtual ReVolution competitions

ReVolution competitions highlights young VR/AR actors.

Crédits photos : Laval Virtual / Prisma

Each year, Laval Virtual highlights startups, researchers and universities during the ReVolution competitions programme. This contest shines a light on innovative virtual reality projects exploring cutting-edge technologies. During the 2022 edition, four projects were awarded and won a prize, among dozens of selected candidates.

The first step for new virtual reality actors

Since their creation, the ReVolution competitions have aimed at revealing young virtual reality talents. They are an opportunity for these emerging actors to take part in an international event. Indeed, by taking part in the ReVolution competitions, the selected projects can enjoy an exhibition booth.

In 2022, the ReVolution competitions were splitted in 4 categories:

  • #Research: for researchers and laboratories
  • #Startups: for technological projects conducted by startups
  • #Students – Demo: for school projects
  • #Students – Limited Time: 30-hour hackathon during the event

Research – The Human Mountainification Project (Kyoto Sangyo University)

The Human Montainification is a project with haptic technology. One person is wearing a haptic glove and the model of a mountain. A second person acts as the operator and causes natural events on the mountain. For example, by triggering “rain”, the dome vibrates and the user feels coolness. Students of the Kyoto University conceived the glove themselves. It can change the temperature and create vibrations.

Startups – Avatar Medical 

Avatar Medical is a startup specialized in the improvement of medical imagery. Doctors need to read and understand the medical images of their patients in order to prep their treatments or operations. However, these images were created for the radiologists, and surgeons are not trained to read them. It is therefore necessary to help their reading along. Avatar Medical uses virtual reality to create a 3D avatar of the patient in real-time from medical images. These 3D images help them better identify tumors for example. They also have a pedagogical role for students and patients.

Students – Demo – Celestrail (Isart Digital)

Students from the ISART Digital school created a virtual reality game based on thinking. What was important for them is to create a visually beautiful and satisfying universe. They put a lot of work on the perspective and shapes, to create a mysterious and out-of-time atmosphere. The goal is to solve riddles with a bow and arrows as only tools. Calm and concentration are necessary for this game.

Students – Limited Time – ESIR & Scalian

In 2022, the theme of the hackathon was “Desirable Energy Sobriety”. The ESIR & Scalian team conceived a virtual reality application where our choices have an impact on the future. We are interpreting the mayor of a town, who has to make choices for his personal life and for his city. After, we are sent in 2100 where we can directly see the impact of our choices on the planet. The students used official reports such as the GEIC one. 

The ReVolution competitions will happen during the 25th edition of Laval Virtual on April 12-16, 2023. For this anniversary, the #Experiences category is back, dedicated to production studios, content creators and developers.

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