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2022 flashback: Winners of the Laval Virtual Awards

Cérémonie des Laval Virtual Awards qui récompensent les meilleurs projets de réalité virtuelle

The Laval Virtual Awards recognize the best VR/AR projects of the year.

Crédits photos : Laval Virtual 2022

The 24th edition of Laval Virtual, the international event on virtual reality, augmented reality and Metaverse, took place on April 12-14, 2022. During this edition, the Laval Virtual Awards once again awarded the best immersive projects of the year. Let’s look back at the winners.

The best virtual reality projects of the year

Every year since its creation in 1999, the Laval Virtual event has been rewarded many projects. The Laval Virtual Awards were created to highlight the best virtual and augmented reality applications and their creators. Hundreds of projects have already received a prize, leading to international visibility.

In 2022, 23 projects were selected among hundreds of applications, and judged by an exceptional jury with immersive tech experts:

  • Simon RICHIR – Professor, PhD and Engineer – ENSAM (Arts & Métiers)
  • Thierry BENOIST – Lab Manager – European Commission
  • Stéphane BOUCHARD – PhD and Docteur and Canada Research Chairman in Clinical Cyberpsychology
  • Alok NANDI – Creative Director / Interaction Designer – Architempo / Spread Design
  • Othman CHIHEB – Product Marketing Lead – Microsoft 
  • and 13 other players of the field.

8 virtual reality projects awarded

Healthcare – Diva (Institut Pasteur, CNRS, Institut Prairie, Université de Paris)

Diva is a medical analysis solution, mixing machine learning and human interaction. With 3D imaging and virtual reality, complex images can be easily decrypted. Users can watch, manipulate and measure stocks of images. Diva makes existing tasks more efficient and precise the doctor’s diagnosis, thanks to better knowledge of the patients’ disease.

Entertainment & Medias – JumpersVR (Delusion)

JumpersVR is a hyper-realistic virtual reality escape game, born after 2 years of hard work. In a 600 square connected 4D room, from 2 to 4 players play simultaneously. Together, they must find clues, solve riddles, avoid traps and complete a mission within a 50-minute limited time. Players can expect more than 80 different interactions and 5 environments with steampunk vibes.

Education & Learning Content – RAFA (Polyaero)

RAFA is a training solution for the aeronautical field. It was conceived by Polyaero which was already nominated in the ReVolution #Research category in 2021. This time, the training center received a Laval Virtual Award for its solution that disrupts learning in the aeronautics sector. With the training, students can experience 3D assistance for production and maintenance operations, as well as use augmented reality in class.

Services – Holoportation (Holoforge Interactive by Asobo Studio)

In 2019, Holoforge received a prize for its mixed reality solution around the model of the Mont Saint-Michel. The 2022 year is also successful for Holoforge, awarded for its Holoportation project. Holoportation uses 3D capture technology and volumetry to create holograms of people and broadcast them anywhere. The tool captures the person in real-time and send his/her visible image through an augmented reality headset. The solution aims at put back the nonverbal communication in remote conversations.

VR for a Cause – Éternelle Notre-Dame (Emissive)

The cathedral of Paris has inspired many immersive experiences, from the daily life of the rector-archbishop to the post-fire rebuilding in 2019. Éternelle Notre-Dame is a new virtual reality experience that places you at the heart of the Paris cathedral and tells its story. In a 5300 square space, 850 users can live simultaneously this massive experience. It took 2 years of development, 25 virtual reality experts and 5 history references to conceive this project.

Industry – EGCERSIS (IMT Mines Albi)

The EGCERSIs project makes good use of digital twin technology and virtual reality for decision-making in a crisis context. The goal is to provide a training and preparation field for crisis management in critical places. A digital twin of the space is created, in which the trainees follow a dynamic scenario and have to take the right decisions to intervene. With virtual reality, the monitoring phase is more complete than with a real simulation.

Virtual worlds – Virbe

Virbe is a chatbot alternative and generator of interactive avatars. Users can interact with gestures of their voice. The solution can be deployed on websites, in virtual worlds, on mobile or in physical locations. These avatars may be the future representative of your services or the voice of your brand on social media. Virbe uses a behavior engine to integrate vocal and conversational capacities, as well as emotions and natural gestures.

Sports – King Pong (Iconik)

The game King Pong immerses you in an 80s universe with neon vibes. You are facing artificial intelligence, local players or worldwide online players. King Pong is much more than a virtual reality ping-pong game. Throwing the ball is not the most difficult part (it always stays o,n the table !). You must resist the many special strikes and effects provoked by the opponent. You will have to be strategic to become the King Pong!

For the 25th anniversary edition of Laval Virtual, many new immersive projects will be in the spotlight. 8 new categories were created for the occasion:

  • Enterprise & Productivity Solution
  • Hardware
  • Developper & Authoring Tools
  • XR for a cause
  • Virtual Worlds & Metaverse
  • Education & Training
  • Marketing or Advertising Campaign
  • Consumer Experience & Entertainment

To discover the best VR/AR projects of 2023, come in Laval (Mayenne, France) on April 12-16, 2023.

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