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A cross-residency about digital art

Recto VRso and Stereolux are launching a call for a residency about art and virtual reality

Recto VRso and Stereolux organize a cross-residency on digital art.

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Stereolux, area of creation and distribution in Nantes, Frances, and Recto VRso, the international art and virtual reality festival of Laval Virtual, partner to offer a research-creation cross-residency programme, about immersive technologies and digital art.

Virtual reality as an artistic medium

For some years, virtual reality has been increasingly present in art, inviting artists to various explorations of this interactive and immersive medium. Numerous events are emerging or including more and more digital art in their programme. With the development of immersive technologies, fields of creation and reflection arise around virtual spaces, the body and our relationship to others.

In order to encourage and highlight digital artists, Recto VRso, the art and virtual reality festival of Laval Virtual, and Stereolux, a concert hall in Nantes, France, are collaborating to offer a cross-residency. The objective is to offer an artist some time and space so he can work on a digital art project. The selected artists will receive advice and feedback from virtual reality and art experts.

The residency is centered on the thematic “Virtual environment”. It invites artists to think about the construction of virtual worlds and how spectators perceive them. What are the codes of virtual in an environment? Which illusion games occur between real environment and virtual environment? How do we build parallel, complementary and hybrid environments? As many questions as possible research topics for this cross-residency. It prefigures the theme of Recto VRso 2022: Real Environment / Virtual Environment.

A unique environment in the capital of virtual reality

The selected artist will get the privilege to take part in a residency at the heart of the European capital of virtual and augmented reality. During 5 days, he will settle in to the Laval Virtual Center. There, he will have access to cutting-edge technologies and virtual reality experts; Judith Guez, artist and director of the Recto VRso festival, and the researchers of the Arts et Métiers Institute. Residency times are also planned at Stereolux, to begin writing the project and then building the first prototype.

This residency doesn’t imply the finalisation of a project. It focuses on its phase of writing, artistic research and experimentation. The artist will discover immersive technologies and immerse him/herself in their potential to nourish his/her creation and imagine the first prototypes.

Following the call for projects, the winner of the residency will be announced during the virtual edition of Recto VRso on 14-16th April. The deadline for the end of applications is 8th March 2021. After the residency, the selected artist will be have the chance to talk about his/her work and present the results during the physical edition of the Laval Virtual exhibition on 7-9th July 2021.

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