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A new quality of collaborative virtual reality with XCave

XCave specialises in the development of integrated multiviewer systems.

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The mission of xCave Technologies is to accelerate creation through innovative display screens, hardware and software. XCave designs multiviewers display systems that allow each user to have their own viewingpoint. XCave will be exhibiting at Laval Virtual on April 10-12, on booth A20. Interview with Steffen Hergert, Director.

Can you introduce your company?

We realize multiview 3D display systems based on LED for complete integration. We develop the system which consists out of LED modules, processings and synchronization to use with existing tracking systems to track the viewers and workstations which calculate the corrects views for each observer.

What will your company show at Laval Virtual 2024?

We will show our LED system capable of displaying a 3D view for three observers, which is currently the only system in existence. You will be able to view the same model with three people at the same time – each from their own position.

What is your company’s current project?

We are currently working on building powerwalls and CAVEs with minimal space requirements, very low power consumption and natural colors with a wide color gamut. By using a lightweight shutter glass similar to sunglasses, the system can be quickly adapted by anyone. This makes you feel very natural through the familiar interaction with colleagues and their facial expressions and gestures together with the discussed VR model on the LED display.

The baseline of our 26th edition is “Act For The Future”. In your opinion, how can immersive technologies impact the world of tomorrow?

We believe that immersive technologies can bring more people together to better explore the potential of products and use cases, but also to train people better and to train error prevention.

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