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All race data in the swimmers’ goggles

Form Swim Goggles, augmented reality glasses for swimming

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Newer goggles such as the Form Swim Goggles and Vuzix Labs Smart Swim goggles allow the distance travelled and user performance data to be displayed in AR goggles. All this coupled with a smartphone application.

Statistics in real time

For many sportsmen and women, figures are essential. They need to count minutes, seconds and fractions of a kilometre as they go along. The obsession with their rhythm and statistics keeps their brains busy during training. Here’s a quick look back at the “Form Swim Goggles“, swimming goggles that are equipped with an integrated augmented reality screen.

The goggles automatically detect the type of swimming, speed of progress and split times (the times of each lap in an interval of several laps), while the transparent augmented reality screen – shows the swimmer – any combination of the chosen measurements in real time.

There are several watches on the market that can also measure this type of data automatically, but the novelty of not having to wait until the end of a lap or take a clumsy look at my wrist halfway through to get information cannot be overstated.

Technical product information

AR display readable in either eye. The customizable display shows statistics during swimming, turning and resting. Waterproof up to 32 feet (975.36 cm). Goggles sync with the application (Android or iPhone).

The display may distract or block peripheral vision on one side of the swimmer. Statistics are not editable in the application. The system is available from $199.

The arrival of Vuzix Labs Smart Swim goggles

During our coverage of the CES in Las Vegas, we also identified the Vuzix Labs Smart Swim, augmented reality swimming goggles.

Head-up display always for these first connected augmented reality goggles dedicated to swimmers. Thanks to this device, which can be attached to all swimming goggles, athletes can follow their performance in real time during their training, but also communicate more easily with their coach. The Vuzix Labs Smart Swim device launched in 2020 is priced at $500.

Source: Wired

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