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All the secrets of data use at Laval Virtual Days

Laval Virtual Days: XR Data on May 18th in the Laval Virtual World

The Laval Virtual Days: XR Data takes place on May 18th in the Laval Virtual World.

Crédits photos : Markus Spkiske (Unsplash)

On May 18th, Laval Virtual proposes a one-hour short event with international experts. The Laval Virtual Days are back with the theme: XR Data. The event takes place in the Laval Virtual World.

Your data will transform the future!

We have entered the era of XR Data: real data collected in the virtual world (motion capture, biometric data, geolocation data) will be used instantly to adapt scenarios for the most natural experiences possible.

If we know today how to capture and collect data, create learning algorithms thanks to machine learning, train ourselves thanks to VR / AR, analyze how we evolve in 3D experiences…we are far from mastering the full potential of XR Data!

Offering us individualized experiences depending on where we are, who we are and our immediate mood: these are the services that XR Data will offer.

3 data specialists will answer your questions

For this event, Laval Virtual invited three specialists in data collection, use and protection. Before they speak, an introduction will give an overview of global data security. Why is it important to collect data? Are there any conflicts around the use of data? What are the European regulations?

Then, the three speakers will try to provide answers to the problem of XR data, i.e. data related to immersive experiences. Samuel Huber, founder of Admix, will present use cases of the use of data in the virtual and augmented reality sector. Admix is a unique solution that allows XR and gaming creators to monetise their content through non-intrusive product placements.

Cécile Tezenas du Montcel, VR Lead Europe at the IT giant HP, will also be present. She will present the “HP Omnicept” solution, which focuses on the user above all else. Biometric sensors have been added to the HP Reverb headset and artificial intelligence has been developed that provides insight into cognitive load. The HP case is an example of how virtual reality experiences are becoming increasingly human-like. Philippe Coval, Software Engineer and OpenSource specialist, is also preparing a presentation on IoT and data. The event will end with a round table discussion with the 3 speakers.

A brand new format for these Laval Virtual Days!

For this new event, Laval Virtual wanted to innovate and changed the format of its event. The Laval Virtual Days: XR Data will have a new short format of one hour. The conferences will be held from 11am on Tuesday 18 May, followed by a networking time with the speakers and all the other participants.

The Laval Virtual Days aim to evangelise and provide answers around the use of immersive technologies. Each event focuses on a particular theme, and explores numerous issues related to virtual and augmented reality.

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