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Augmented Reality for social distancing

Respecting social distancing with augmented reality

Crédits photos : CodingVR

Two technology enthusiasts recently created an application to encourage social distancing. AR Around-Me uses augmented reality to measure distances around you in real time. An application that fits into the current health context and aims to facilitate these constraints.

Measure yourself to the others!

The Covid-19 health crisis has forced us all to live differently and adopt new habits. Social distancing is one of the conditions for living in respect of others during this pandemic. But sometimes it is difficult to know how far away you are from another person. To avoid endless calculations, two technology enthusiasts have come up with an augmented reality application: AR Around-Me.

Developed by CodingVR, the application was created to “respect social distancing and combat Covid-19.” It measures the distance between oneself and others and indicates whether or not you should distance yourself further. Augmented reality shows red, yellow and green circles, which symbolize several distances: 1m, 1.50m and 2m.

A response to current health needs

Released on May 30th, following theend of lockdown, the application is intended to meet current needs. “We wanted to be part of the collective effort to fight Covid-19,” explains  Valérie Barbot, co-founder, in a podcast. Together with her husband and collaborator, they created AR Around-Me in just one week. It adds to the catalogue already composed of an interior design simulation application, AR Deco Picture.

Free and without advertising, it has been downloaded several times and all over the world, the two founders say. This represented a great opportunity during this period of crisis. “We believe that augmented reality will shake up your daily life and your habits,” concludes Valérie Barbot. This is further proof that immersive technologies serve all causes.

Updated on 23/12/2020 : After the reopening of non-essential shops and the obligation for merchants to grant a space of 8m² to each customer, the application has evolved and allows to visualize this area in augmented reality.

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