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CINEVR, the first 100% virtual cinema

The virtual cinema of CINEVR

Crédits photos : CINEMUR

How can we relive the magic of cinema in the age of coronavirus and social distancing measures? CINEVR, the first virtual cinema allows you to watch more than 100 films, alone or with friends, quietly installed in the comfort of your home sweet home.

Launched this summer by CINEMUR, a leading French startup in the virtual reality market, CINEVR is a 100% virtual and immersive cinema for watching 2D, 3D and 360° films alone or with friends. CINEMUR is a digital agency based in Paris. Created and animated by cinema and entertainment enthusiasts, it has developed a real expertise in virtual and augmented reality projects.

Living the cinema experience at home

While many French people are hesitant to return to the cinema, and their purchasing power does not always allow them to satisfy their love of the 7th art, digital technology is bringing technological innovations that are revolutionizing the sector.

Imagine being able to organize your own private screening, surrounded by your friends, family or significant others. Imagine being able to make noise, talk, laugh during a film session. Imagine being able to watch the latest movies released from your home. This is what CINEVR offers with the new version of its virtual cinema.

Virtual reality has infinite potential to create new immersive experiences with high emotional impact for users.

Vincent Tessier, CEO of CINEMUR

Every evening, a screening session takes place at 9pm. All you have to do is put on a virtual reality headset, and you are immersed in a virtual movie theatre with other spectators. For the moment, the application is available on Oculus Go and Rift S headsets, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive. “CINEVR will also be available by the end of the year on all virtual reality headsets on the market,” says Vincent Tessier, CEO of CINEMUR.

A rich catalogue and exclusive movies

CINEVR proudly displays itself as “the paradise of movie and culture lovers”. That’s why the application offers many new films that have barely been released in traditional cinemas. Viewers have access to a rich catalogue: blockbusters a few months after their release, documentaries, short films awarded at major festivals, live shows, as well as immersive experiences created by the best French and international XR studios.

To make home cinema an exceptional experience and to provide emotions to the spectators, CINEVR proposes to watch a film in a room with a great atmosphere. For example, you can follow a romantic movie on a beach lined with coconut palms, increase your adrenaline in front of a horror movie with a haunted house decor, go back in time by attending a drive-in from the 60s in front of a cult movie, etc. The possibilities are endless to experience an extraordinary screening from the comfort of your sofa!

Today, CINEVR’s ambition is to become the reference virtual cinema in Europe: “a social space favourable to encounters between fans of the 7th art, previews, live events, festivals, but also a community space to create and animate one’s own film screenings”, enthuses Vincent Tessier.

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