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HaptX: the haptic gloves that impressed Amazon’s boss

Gants haptiques de HaptX, exposés à Laval Virtual 2023

HaptX is exhibiting at Laval Virtual on April 12-14, 2023 on booth A58.

Crédits photos : HaptX

At its creation in 2012 by Jake Rubin, the American company HaptX bet on haptics. Convinced that this technology will represent the future of virtual reality, the team has been working on cutting-edge haptic gloves for 10 years. A design prototype of the first commercial version of “the world’s most advanced haptic gloves” will be exhibited at Laval Virtual on April 12-14, 2023.

“Haptics has been the missing link in the virtual reality field”

In 2012, while Oculus appeared in the landscape of virtual reality, an American startup decided to bet on haptics. Whereas Facebook, Sony and Google were not in the race of virtual reality, HaptX put money on another cutting-edge technology. “Haptics has been the missing link in the virtual reality field”, reveals Linda Jacobson, Director of Marketing at HaptX. “There have been many improvements in graphics and sound, but the sense of touch is still missing”.

For 10 years, Linda Jacobson and the HaptX team have noticed a positive evolution. “Haptics is becoming more accessible and valuable in simulating real-life situations and processes.” More and more companies are being born and trying haptics, and many researches are conducted on the subject. Today, after 10 years of R&D, HaptX can simulate a realistic sense of touch. This progress impressed Amazon’s boss, Jeff Bezos, who tried the haptic gloves himself.

Patented technology in cutting-edge haptic gloves

Other gloves on the market use tactile vibrations and little electrodes to simulate the sense of touch”, explains Linda. HaptX haptic gloves use compressed air projected into 130 tactile actuators placed on palms and fingers. “The haptic effect is very life-like. It really helps increase the sense of embodiment”.

HaptX haptic gloves required 10 years of development and testing. Clients’ feedback contributed to the conception of a product that could meet the expectations of the business world. These haptic gloves with patented technology are fitted for training, design, engineering and telerobotic control. “We conceived a commercial version, the HaptX Gloves G1, with features requested by our customers”. Those new gloves will be out in 2023.

HaptX at Laval Virtual for the first time

It is the first time HaptX takes part in Laval Virtual, Europe’s largest event on virtual reality. A way for the American company, already well established on the other side of the Atlantic, to “open up to the European immersive market”. The HaptX Gloves DK2 development kit introduced in 2021 is used by several big companies, universities and governmental agencies.

The latest version of the development kit, the HaptX Gloves DK2, will be presented at Laval Virtual 2023, where you can test it. You also can look at a design model of upcoming HaptX Gloves G1, which will feature a reduced price to facilitate large-scale deployment in business, academia, and government. Come meet HaptX and try this unique technology at booth A58 on April 12-14, 2023 at Laval Virtual.

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