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Komodal: first virtual events operator

Laval Virtual launches komodal, a department specializing in the operation of virtual events.

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During the 23rd edition of the Laval Virtual exhibition, the association from Laval announced the launch of its department specializing in the operation of virtual events. Komodal is the first virtual events operator, in a global context where hybridization is the key word.

Laval Virtual, at the heart of innovation for 22 years

Since the first edition of the exhibition in 1999, Laval Virtual has always been at the heart of the latest innovations. The event was initially a pioneer in the immersion sector, and later became a must-attend event for the international community. 22 years later, this reputation is confirmed, and gives rise to innovative projects that respond to contemporary challenges.

In April 2020, after the cancellation of this physical event, Laval Virtual chose the virtual option to organize its 22nd edition. A crazy bet at the time, as the association had been organizing a 100% physical exhibition for more than 20 years. In the end, more than 11,000 curious people crowded into Laval Virtual World to follow this new edition. With this success, Laval Virtual wanted to take over the field of virtual worlds and events: this is how Komodal was born.

Physical vs. virtual: let’s say co-modal

Since April 2020 and this virtual edition, Laval Virtual supports professionals in the operation of their virtual event. In one year, more than 120 virtual events have been organized by Laval Virtual, gathering no less than 50,000 avatars. Major accounts, universities, official institutions, international brands, sports organizations… Many companies have opted for virtual worlds. A figure that is growing day by day, pushing the Laval association to create a new structure: Komodal.

“Komodal was born out of a strong belief in the potential of virtual worlds. At Laval Virtual, we believe that virtual worlds are the future of any size gathering, and not only in the event industry. This is a trend we have been sensing for more than a year now. Komodal becomes the first virtual world operator.”

Laurent Chrétien, CEO of Laval Virtual

5 virtual platforms for your events

As an operator, Komodal helps companies to organize their virtual events and deploy the most relevant solution for their internal needs. To do so, it provides virtual worlds, the Laval Virtual Worlds, via an American platform called Virbela. “Our expert virtual world teams design and operate events in a totally virtual or co-modal form, i.e. hybrid,” explains Maroua El Mokhtari, Head of Marketing and Sales at Komodal.

In addition to Virbela, komodal offers four other virtual world platforms: Frame, Tech Adaptika, Virtway and Aptero. Among these new platforms, some are accessible via browser, on mobile or tablet. Recently, Laval Virtual signed a partnership with the Palais des Festivals in Cannes to launch Cannes Virtual Event. Before that, the association participated in the creation of the first digital and immersive campus in Europe with NEOMA Business School, and in the operation of the largest virtual exhibition in France at the time of its holding, Virtual Nautic, organized by the FIN.

Why organize a virtual event in 2021?

The health crisis had the benefit of proving that it is possible to attend an event entirely remotely. Why organize a virtual or even co-modal event, rather than just a physical one? First of all, because it allows a larger scale connection. Doing a virtual event means opening up to a wider audience around the world. It also saves time and money, because there are fewer logistics and therefore fewer costs. In the same way, the environmental impact is less important with a virtual event, since the travel between countries of the world is reduced.

For companies, virtual events are a good way to generate new forms of visibility; a key point to maintain engagement between brands and their customers. Today, virtual worlds are powerful tools for business gatherings, replicating the dynamics and interactions of the real world. The use of the Virbela platform provides a highly immersive and interactive experience.

So, whether you are a school, a service company, a law firm, a commercial structure… Komodal accompanies you to virtualize your event: training session, workshop, board of directors, seminar, fair, back to school, press conference, etc. “We don’t oppose the virtual to the real, we believe in combining them.

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