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VR/AR technological watch by Laval Virtual

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Today, every company must be vigilant in order to follow and understand the rapid evolution of the markets. Technological watch has become an essential tool in many sectors to nourish a company’s strategy. The accelerating rhythm of changes and innovations forces professionals to develop a strategy of monitoring. VR/AR is part of it, and constitutes a strategic door towards the development of a company through the contribution of added value. At Laval Virtual, a Business Intelligence team creates weekly thematic VR/AR newsfeeds from thousands of articles and extracts the essential information so that readers can access more precise and targeted information. Nicolas Ribeyre, VR/AR Intelligence Manager, explains why it is important to do a VR/AR technological watch.

Nowadays, monitoring is essential in the professional world. It is a skill that is systematically requested in job offers. 

This is something that we first noticed here at Laval Virtual. The sector in which we have been operating since 1999 requires us to keep up to date with the release of new technologies and hardware. We need to keep a close eye on the latest developments in order to propose even more innovative and original projects every year. The words of monitoring are: be informed, anticipate, adapt. To be informed by observing market developments, to anticipate by detecting weak signals and trends, and to inspire by proposing new strategic ideas.

What is the interest for a company to conduct a technological watch?

The primary interest that comes to mind is above all an organizational and action advantage. Keeping an eye on and therefore being informed allows you to keep up with new innovations, in this case technological innovations, and to observe their use by other companies. We are then able to evaluate the application of these new innovations on the market and to know how they are used in order to understand their full potential. This is an undeniable advantage for anticipating internal strategy or projects. With a technological watch, we can develop our company skillfully and stand out from our competitors easily.

Laval Virtual appears as an VR/AR expert. It is a market that is evolving constantly and rapidly. Can technological watch help you see more clearly and keep up to date?

It’s obvious it can. Generally speaking, technology is a very dynamic sector, but it is constantly and rapidly evolving. And it’s always difficult to evaluate the success of a project or hardware, because innovations come out regularly. When you don’t know anything about it, you can quickly get lost! The virtual and augmented reality sector is no exception. It’s a sector that is on the rise. Its development in companies and for business applications is important. More and more companies are adopting immersive techniques as tools to speed up production, train their employees and facilitate maintenance. But these technologies are not well known, even unknown, for some professionals.

Laval Virtual's VR/AR newsfeeds for technological watch
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What do you propose to accompany companies who wish to learn about VR/AR without spending too much time?

Laval Virtual has created newsfeeds on virtual and augmented reality. It is a newsletter format that the customer receives every week in his mailbox. Each newsfeed is divided into 4 parts: case studies on the use of VR/AR in a specific sector of activity, business news on fundraising, company creations, jobs…, a “Related Technologies” part which shows the uses of artificial intelligence, robotics or 3D printing, and finally all the latest news on hardwares. Today, we offer 13 different newsfeeds covering 26 sectors of activity, such as architecture, health, sport, industry… For those who want to go further in knowledge or who are thinking of starting a VR/AR project, we also produce paid deliverables: private presentations of use cases, custom research and personalized surveys.

What tools do you use to do this monitoring work?

To carry out its research, Laval Virtual uses, among others, the SindUp monitoring platform which offers many advantages. While the success of a watch often relies on its collaborative dimension, it offers the possibility to share research results to all project team members and to coordinate actions related to information processing. It also makes it possible to centralize information, which is often spread out among different collaborators. Within Laval Virtual and for our external clients, it facilitates the development of adapted deliverables: dashboards, maps, newsletters.

In short, why read Laval Virtual’s newsfeeds?

Laval Virtual’s newsfeeds are aimed at all those who wish to learn more about VR/AR, better understand its challenges and possibilities, and identify its applications and uses in the professional world. By subscribing, you save a lot of time. The monitoring team aggregates nearly 4,000 articles per week from international sources and selects the main VR/AR news by listing the most relevant articles. Research and work time for subscribers is reduced by 70% on their watch! A great opportunity to optimize your working time and focus on the essential.

The newsfeeds will help you better understand the VR/AR market and its uses in each sector. This will help you understand how this technology can be used in practice and what are the advantages. It’s also a very good way to know the companies that already use immersive techniques, as well as the players (suppliers, developers, investors…) in the field. A good knowledge of immersive technologies and their uses will ensure continuity in the evolution of your company.

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