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Laval Virtual Days: the birth of virtual worlds

Laval Virtual Days Emerging Worlds: virtual worlds

On 16th June 2020, for one evening, the Laval Virtual Days will return in an entirely digital format. International VR/AR experts are invited to discuss and debate the emergence of virtual worlds. The programme includes conferences, round tables, feedback, but also networking with other users and professionals of the sector.

Towards a virtualisation of the society?

Recently, our living and working habits have changed profoundly. An inevitable change due to the international context, which has taken hold and is set to continue. During this period, alternative solutions have emerged, including the virtualisation of events. The organization of Laval Virtual World, the virtual version of the physical exhibition, was an example of this paradigm shift.

As a result, more and more companies are choosing to virtualize their meetings, events and training. Similarly, suppliers of VR/AR and online solutions are thinking about developing new tools to meet these new needs. What are the tools available today to move towards virtualization? How can virtualization be integrated into the world of work? What perspectives does virtualization promise in sectors such as art, industry and training? These are the questions at the heart of the Laval Virtual Days Emerging Worlds, a half-day themed event taking place on 16th June 2020.

International experts to imagine the virtual tools of tomorrow

This evening placed under the sign of digitalization, takes place in the virtual world of Laval Virtual World. The program includes virtual conferences and real speakers who will raise issues around the challenge of virtualization. Laurent Chrétien, CEO of Laval Virtual, will introduce the program by looking back on the experience of Laval Virtual World. How did a major global event accelerate the transformation of the show? What transformation will virtual worlds bring to our planet?

The evening will continue with interventions by international VR/AR experts. Andrey Lunev, Community Activist for XR Crowd, will look back on the technological watch initiated by Laval Virtual around virtual reality platforms. The survey was conducted last March following the announcement of the cancellation of the physical exhibition, with the help of the VR/AR community. It will be followed by an interview with Alex Howland, CEO of VirBELA, the platform used to build the Laval Virtual World, around the virtualization of work: its challenges and opportunities.

Then, Othman Chiheb, Product Marketing Lead at Microsoft, will answer the following question: how does a virtual world give power to a rea industry? Kent Bye, the voice behind the podcast Voices of VR, will think further by proposing a use case on virtualization, and during a round table with  Asha Easton, Head of Immerse UK, and Liudmila Bredikhina from University of Geneva. Together, they will discuss the evolution of the use of virtual world and their complementary with the real world.

The final interventions will be carried out by members of the Laval Virtual team. Judith Guez, creator of the Recto VRso festival will explain how she created her exhibition gallery, which can be visited entirely online. How does this project enable to explore new ways of presenting virtual and digital artworks? To finish, Valentin Régnier, Community Relations Manager, will present new projects to come to keep this international VR/AR community shining and connected.

First virtual event for the Laval Virtual Days

The evening will end with a moment of networking, still in the Laval Virtual World. A rich program for these first fully virtual Laval Virtual Days! The Laval Virtual Days are events to gather the VR/AR community and inspire (future) users. Laval Virtual offers these events with the aim of evangelizing immersive techniques to a professional audience.

Since 2014, in France and Europe, Laval Virtual has been organizing these Laval Virtual Days. Dedicated to a specific theme, these events provide an opportunity to discover VR/AR solutions applied to business. The topics covered are all vertical and related to a sector of activity.

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Laval Virtual is a facilitator: we simplify the connection between suppliers of VR/AR solutions and users or future users. From these encounters exciting projects are born. It is these stories of men and women, pioneers and explorers of virtual reality, that I am trying, in all humility, to promote and make known.
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