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A membership to gather the international VR/AR community

Laval Virtual is launching a membership with a platform to gather the VR/AR community

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Since its creation in 1999, Laval Virtual’s mission is to gather, inspire and valorize the VR/AR community through the world. After organizing events on different continents for 20 years, including the first 100% virtual event, the assocation has a new goal: build a bridge between real and virtual in order to maintain free interactions in response to environmental and governmental limitations.

For 21 years, our mission has been to serve, inform and animate the VR/AR community. Laval Virtual has become a key aprtner for companies specializing in the field of immersive techniques. As Laval Virtual grows and evolves, one thing remains the same: the values and objectives that we share are at the heart of our work. Today, the ambition of Laval Virtual is to become a permanent hub and the international reference for immerisve technologies”, recalls Laurent Chrétien, CEO of Laval Virtual.

A project to gather the VR/AR community

Today, Laval Virtual animates and inspires the community through international events, technological watch and information services. In order to continue serving this community throughtout the year, the association has imagined 3 projects, all linked to each other.

“As an organization, our objective is to gather and inspire the VR/AR community. In line with our vision, we are committed to serve and animate this community throughout the year, with three agregation projects: the membership, to animate, create and reinfore the human bounds within it; the Europe VR Tour, to meet European major players and valorize innovative projects; the platforms, which represent a bridget between real and virtual worlds”, explains Harrient Bartlett, Head of Community Relations.

Dive into the world of immersive tech through a platform

The platform imagined and built by Laval Virtual is a unique portal which offers a privileged access to the three hearts of Laval Virtual: technology watch, events and community. Each person or company can benefit from interaction, information and promotion tools.

Subscription to the platform gives access to the virtual world of Laval Virtual World, to a VR/AR suppliers directory and a member directory. In a second time, members will have access to the agenda of all the VR/AR events, to exclusive VR/AR contents (technology watch, e-books, use cases), and to partners offers. The Laval Virtual platform is the virtual gathering place of the international VR/AR community.

About author

Laval Virtual is a facilitator: we simplify the connection between suppliers of VR/AR solutions and users or future users. From these encounters exciting projects are born. It is these stories of men and women, pioneers and explorers of virtual reality, that I am trying, in all humility, to promote and make known.
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