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LuminousXR is transforming immersive training

Environnement de formation en réalité virtuelle

LuminousXR provides a platform for creating and managing immersive training content.

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UK-based LuminousXR provides professional solutions for corporate training, in particular a platform for developing immersive learning. The company is launching a brand new tool, FLOW XR, to take the creation of immersive training content even further. LuminousXR will be exhibiting at Laval Virtual on April 10-12, 2024, on booth A17. Interview with Ben Bennett, CEO.

Can you introduce your company?

LuminousXR is an end-to-end platform for creating delivering and monitoring hard skills training content in virtual and mixed reality. We’re on a mission to transform the way hard skills are created and learned for high-risk, practical industries. We’re committed to enhancing safety and efficiency while championing businesses to embrace a culture of continuous learning and development.

Through our innovative Luminous XR platform we equip creators, developers, and enterprises with the tools to create, manage, and distribute unparalleled virtual training experiences. With LuminousXR, they can build training modules, onboard employees, share their course worldwide, improve workforce skills. LuminousXR means building, using and growing their XR training content. It provides with all the tools, so XR content creation can be made simple.

What will your company show at Laval Virtual 2024?

We will be launching FLOW XR our no-code content authoring tool for Unity. FLOW allows the creation of complex hard skills training scenarios with many advanced features build in, including multiple training modes, (assisted learning, practice & assessment) multiuser & multi language support.

What innovation do you think has most transformed the world of VR/AR?

The release of low cost standalone headsets like the Meta Quest 2 & 3 has made high quality XR content available to the mass market and far more accessible.

The baseline of our 26th edition is “Act For The Future”. In your opinion, how can immersive technologies impact the world of tomorrow?

Immersive technologies will continue to transform how training is delivered in high risk sectors. We also see a convergence with interactive digital twins facilitating remote operation of facilities.

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