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TechViz, leader in collaborative virtual reality for industry

TechViz is exhibiting at VRDays 2020

TechViz is a collaborative virtual reality software editor for engineers.

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The Parisian company TechViz has decided to participate in the 6th edition of VRDays as an exhibitor. A collaborative virtual reality software developer for almost 20 years, TechViz is a leader in its market. A reference that Alexis Vartanian, CTO, wanted to share at the Amsterdam event, which this year is goign virtual. We spoke to Alexis Vartanian who explained TechViz’s ambitions in more detail and presented the latest Cloud&Viz solution, which will be the star of the virtual booth from 3 to 5 November!

Can you introduce TechViz in a few words?

TechViz has been operating since 2004. We are based in Paris, with an R&D team of around twenty people. We have sales offices in China, India and the United States. We also have a network of resellers who distribute our solution in other countries. Today, one out of three large groups in the industrial sector uses TechViz. The figure is growing in the aeronautics and automotive sectors.

What is your main solution, TechViz?

TechViz is a virtual reality software publisher offering 3D data visualisation solutions, it allows the instant display of virtual prototypes, in real time, directly from the native application on all VR visualisation systems. Our mission is to enable our customers to improve their production cycles, save money and reduce the time to market of their products thanks to a better understanding of their 3D data.

TechViz offers the ability to make changes at 1:1 scale or larger without data conversion and displays CAD models from over 200 applications such as Dassault Systems Catia or SolidWorks, Autodesk Revit, Siemens NX among others. It is a universal virtual reality solution that works with all VR projection systems: headsets, walls, CAVE, immersive rooms.

Who are the main users of TechViz?

TechViz is a solution for engineering. There are a large number of advanced features that make the work of engineers easier; for project review, product presentation, design evaluation, maintenance process evaluation, ergonomics, complex data visualisation, virtual reality training or even real-time collaboration between colleagues.

Our software is aimed at industrial customers. In aeronautics, large groups such as Airbus, Boeing, Embraer in Brazil, Comac in China, use TechViz. In the automotive industry, we are present in most of the major groups: PSA and Renault in France, Ford in the United States, BMW and Porsche in Germany, Honda in Japan. We are also present in the energy sector, and generally speaking in all industrial sectors. Either for the design of a complex product, for example a nuclear submarine, or a complex industrial part such as setting up an assembly line.

What convinced you to take part in VRDays 2020? Have you already tried the virtual experience?

Indeed, we have already tried out virtual booths. Our experience over the last six months is that virtual booths that are not combined with talks generally do not have much impact. We will be speaking at a conference on the theme “Future of Work” and hope that the combination of the two will be successful.

VRDays’ audience is quite large, part of it corresponds to our target audience which are industrialists. These are the ones we hope to meet to present our latest Cloud&Viz innovation. It’s a European exhibition, so we’re interested in markets beyond France.

What are you going to display on your virtual booth?

At VRDays, we will be presenting our latest Cloud&Viz innovation on our booth. This is an interactive virtual reality platform, which allows you to broadcast CAD content, instantly and remotely. Users can share their 3D models with stakeholders who do not necessarily have CAD software or hardware with high-end computing power.

Has the current context had an impact on the development of your business? 

We are in a slightly paradoxical situation. There are a lot of expressions of interest, but unfortunately, as people are remote working, they did not have access to their equipment. Concretely, the rhythm of orders is a little slow compared to a normal year, but with a potential for the future that seems interesting, especially with the launch of Cloud&Viz which perfectly answers these problems of remote work without dedicated equipment.

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