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VRH Unleashes the Power of VR and AI for Learning and Development

Homme avec un casque de réalité virtuelle pendant une conférence

VRH imagined a new way for learning in virtual reality, using AI.

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As leaders, a big part of our job is to increase productivity and engagement in tour organizations. Yet, despite all the leadership development programs available, we still only make marginal improvements. If at all. Passive video training formats like Masterclass or keynote presentations by experts are the junk food of learning. Satisfying in the moment, but little nutritional value. Their message doesn’t translate into improvements because human brains aren’t simple recording devices. It’s like watching a workout, instead of working out. Why is that? Because most development approaches have not taken advantage of the massive opportunities the digital revolution is offering. What if we did?

Bye bye traditional learning methods

To truly learn, we need first hand experience. We need emotions. We need challenges. We need memorable stories that anchor our learning. Putting all these ingredients together would be a real game-changer. Of course, you could climb Mount Everest with your executives, led by former Special Forces Commandos, as a team-building exercise, but what if we had an even better way? Safer, cheaper and more scalable.

Enter Cinematic VR Learning. A unique method that delivers memorable learning experiences through immersion in custom-designed game environments. These environments offer a safe space to learn, experiment, take risks and grow… while also being meaningful and entertaining. Playing is believing. That’s where VRH comes in. VRH is revolutionizing leadership development with immersive, multiplayer VR experiences based on real leadership stories. These experiences go beyond traditional training programs, by offering practical learning opportunities in simulated high-intensity environments.

Playing is believing

Rather than merely creating artificial environments, they put real leadership stories into virtual reality so that you and your team can experience them first hand. Learn about decentralized organization with Ori Brafman flying a 1948 Candy Bomber airplane during the Berlin Airlift. Learn about Intent-based Leadership with L.David Marquet in a nuclear powered submarine during a rescue mission in the Yellow Sea. Go to an arctic research station and solve a murder mystery to learn about next generation HR with Dave Ulrich. You get the picture. With a great experience comes a great learning opportunity. Transformative leadership stories are brought to life, going miles beyond just reading about their journeys, and instead enabling you to be a part of their experience – sharing the story by living it.

“To understand love, you need to experience a kiss…Not watch a YouTube tutorial by the world’s greatest lover.”

Artificial intelligence, master of the game

Through VRH’s multiplayer experiences, participants embark on an immersive journey and complete challenges that test decision-making skills, collaboration, and communication within their team. VRH’s proprietary AI Sisu has the “God’s view” of what participants are experiencing. It is her mission to feedback and insights on their performance to level up the team or the individual player. She also advises leaders which experience might benefit them most as the next step in their learning journey. She is the empathic sherpa to the peak of great leadership. Moreover, Sisu is able to extrapolate the strengths and weaknesses of players and teams and generate custom experiences and missions to unleash their full potential. VRH’s Sisu puts players face to face with their real responses to extremely challenging situations and helps them to translate directly into the workplace.

In the same way that top athletes train their skills every day, VRH offers leaders the opportunity to put their skills to the test and train them by challenging them with unique leadership stories crafted by thought leaders, psychologists, AAA game developers and movie producers. All the while Sisu helps leaders- like a high performance coach – to track their improvements in the VR experiences and at work. It’s the real Masterclass of Leadership Development.

About author

Heiko Fischer, former Head of HR at Crytek, is a trailblazing entrepreneur who founded Resourceful Humans (RH) in 2011. RH is a hybrid-tech and consultancy that specializes in leadership development and transformation. Building on RH's tremendous success, Heiko Fischer established VRH as a dedicated entity, leveraging the prosperous VR segment of the company.
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