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XR Taiwanese teams shone online at Laval Virtual

XR EXPRESS Taiwan gathered 6 startup teams to exhibit as an online theme pavilion.

Crédits photos : XR EXPRESS Taiwan

During the Laval Virtual from July 7 to 9, six startups from Taiwan exhibited online in a dedicated pavilion. In the Laval Virtual World, they had the opportunity to meet international visitors and showcase their XR project. One week after the event, XR EXPRESS Taiwan looks back on this unique experience.

Laval Virtual Europe, Europe’s leading professional XR exhibition, just ended. In response to the impact of the global epidemic, the exhibition was held in a hybrid online and offline format. With the participation of 150 exhibitors representing almost 30 countries in the world, the exhibition had a global reach. XR EXPRESS Taiwan gathered 6 startup teams to lead the domestic XR energy in exploring business opportunities in Europe despite the adversity, and exhibited as an online theme pavilion.

6 Taiwanese companies are showing variety of XR solutions in Laval Virtual World

XR EXPRESS Taiwan has recruited exhibiting teams from the various fields of “Construction/Real Estate, Medical Healthcare, Industry 4.0 (Smart Manufacturing), Advertising and Marketing, Gaming, and Video Entertainment”, highlighting the strength of Taiwan’s startup teams in linking XR technology and industry field applications. Including:

  • The 3DV Pixel team’s “VR Sample House”;
  • studio2’s “Pigsy ARush”, an AR mobile game;
  • Aemass’s 3D image capture algorithm, which provides customized 3D image production services;
  • Ganzin Technology’s AURORA module, which is the easiest eye-tracking module to integrate into customers’ XR devices;
  • MAI(Medical Augmented Intelligence) did a very good job in the exhibition with its medical application;
  • “VAR BOX”, which combines shooting sports with VR experience and in conjunction with VAR LIVE mobile app, offers players with a more realistic interactive shooting experience.

Positive interactive experience via virtual exhibition

Most of the Taiwanese exhibitors participated in the online exhibition for the first time. Referring to the experience and insights gained, Grace Chuang, Sales Manager of studio2 Animation Lab, said that the biggest difference between physical and online exhibitions are that physical exhibitions have obvious constraints in time and space, while online exhibitions have more flexibility in terms of time and space.

For the online interaction, the online pavilion was designed to simulate a physical exhibition, so participants could go directly to the booths they were interested in to learn more about their contents, and conversations could be had with passersby in the pavilion. Grace Chuang approved the smooth operation experience of the online exhibition, which is a break from the past when online exhibition participants could only communicate with each other by text and could not experience a simulation of a physical exhibition.

The online exhibition helped domestic businesses break through the restrictions imposed by the epidemic.

The directional recognition of the voice makes the experience even more realistic

An online virtual exhibition during the epidemic is much better than just posting information on a website. At the same time, because there are more ways to communicate through messages, it also gives each other more time to think, so that the language barrier will not cause communication difficulties,” said Che-An Wu, Chief Operating Officer of Aemass, adding that the company will consider continuing to participate in online exhibitions for international promotion, regardless of whether it is during the epidemic or not.

Martin Lin, Market Development Manager of Ganzin Technology, also responded positively to the experience: “Laval Virtual Europe was an amazing experience where everyone could create their own image as an avatar and let the avatar travel and interact with others in the digital world on their behalf. The directional recognition of the voice design was also quite impressive, as you could clearly tell if the person speaking was on your right or left, this was all very realistic. VR technology at Laval Virtual Europe has taken a big step towards the movie Ready Player One!

Overseas visitors on-site interacted and discussed with Taiwanese businessmen at the XR EXPRESS Taiwan pavilion.

The virtual exhibition shows a very promising future in the post-pandemic era

This year’s Laval Virtual Europe was the first time for trying out a hybrid online and offline exhibition, with a time-zoned approach to guide international participation. Most of the exhibiting Taiwanese businesses were able to communicate with online buyers in the evening and early morning of Taiwan time.

Although without the crowd of the physical exhibition, it still received positive feedback from the participating teams, most of whom expressed their willingness to continue to participate in international online exhibitions, where the simulated interactive experience can make up the shortages of the physical exhibition, and business development and interaction can be conducted even more freely and boldly. Despite the constraints imposed by the epidemic alert, Taiwanese XR startup teams were able to make another breakthrough online, not limited by physical constraints, reaching a milestone for the XR industry’s national team!

XR EXPRESS Taiwan exhibitors online group photo.
(Image source: XR EXPRESS Taiwan)

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XR EXPRESS Taiwan is a program directed by the National Development Council under the innovation and entrepreneurship policy of the Taiwanese government, with the main goal of optimizing the domestic ecosystem and strengthening the international linkage of the XR (AR/VR/MR) industry.
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