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Boarding Ring fights VR and motion sickness

Boarding Ring glasses against motion and VR sickness

Boarding Ring glasses reduce the symptoms of cyberkinetosis.

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The French company Boarding Ring is currently making news with the first glasses against motion sickness. Launched years ago, the two founders want to go further with a children model. Boarding Ring is linked to virtual reality and to the Laval Virtual event, because they also created a solution against VR sickness.

The first glasses against motion sickness

It all started in 2015, when the two brothers Renaud and Antoine Jeannin decided to found their company called Boarding Ring. Straight after, they launched the first glasses against motion sickness. Based on a patented technology, the Boarding Glasses have 4 rings with blue liquid inside, placed in front and around the passenger’s eyes.

With the blue liquid, the Boarding Glasses create an artificial horizon in your visual field. It takes down the sensorial conflict that causes nauseas with a 94-percent unmatched efficiency!” The glasses are effective after only 10 minutes. Since 2015, 50,000 users are convinced!

The success story continues at Laval Virtual

2019 is the consecration for the startup Boarding Ring. Antoine and Renaud win the Laval Virtual Awards in the ReVolution #Startups category. Revealed by the international event, they are beginning to be known by virtual reality companies with their solution Boarding VAR.

Boarding Ring team at Laval Virtual Awards ceremony in 2019
The Boarding Ring team with their Laval Virtual Awards in 2019

Their solution fits inside virtual reality headsets to reduce symptoms of nausea, dizziness and headaches. The Jeannin Brother came back to Laval Virtual in 2021 to present the new version of the motion sickness glasses, renamed Seenetic VR.

Boarding VAR is a universal add-on for VR headset. It brings inertial information into the user’s peripheral visual field, in order to re-synchronize the senses and avoid motion sickness”, as Antoine Jeanning explains. VR sickness is the same as motion sickness, with the same symptoms. They are due to a discrepancy between what our eyes see in the virtual environment and what the inner ear perceives in the real world.

New children model for 2023

The first version of the Boarding Ring glasses are efficient from 10 years old. It was time to make a children model! For this, the Jeannin brothers launched a crowdfunding campaign. Boarding Ring also took part in the French adaptation of the Americain tv show called Shark Tank to look for investors. The children’s model project was already in the news in 2019, when we met with them.

This new model of the glasses is for children up to 9 years old. “Before the age of 9, children’s peripheral vision is not yet mature. The movement of the liquid in the branches will be less well perceived, hence a lower efficiency. Between the ages of 9 and 10, peripheral visual acuity becomes fully functional,” explain the two founders. To discover start-ups and innovative projects, come to Laval Virtual from April 12 to 16, 2023.

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